Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Box Busters Club: Team Randomization

Trade Deadline: Saturday 10 p.m. central time
Break: Sunday Afternoon

Here are the team assignments:

Holy Hitter: Giants, Ravens
wheeler: Falcons, Broncos, Raiders
kickstand: Rams, Dolphins
houstoncollector: Packers, Panthers, Eagles, Texans
bdavid: Seahawks
cardman312: cardinals
IAmJoeCollector: Lions, Redskins
scubasteve: Titans, Texans, Colts, Panthers
psad21: Browns, Buccaneers
groat: Chiefs, Chargers
arfmax: Patriots, Vikings
fatcat: Steelers, Saints
darkship: Bears, Bills, Cowboys
whitesoxcat: Panthers, Eagles, Packers
sonic: Jaguars, 49ers
voluntarheel: Jets, Bengals


  1. Giants and Ravens are up for trade. Also willing to negotiate one of my slots for next month if arfmax is willing to let go of the Vikings.

    I also know that Whitesoxcat would like to get the Packers.

  2. Who did I piss off? I would do 2 for 1 if anyone wants them.

  3. Packers are available, but .... given that Favre was in 2007 National Treasures, come strong.

  4. Seahawks FT/FS anyone want them they got some decent stuff

  5. I was all ticked off at getting the lions and the skins until I realized it was national treasures.

  6. Hittler you want the seahawks?

  7. Bdavid- I don't really want the seahawks but since this is your first if you would rather have the Ravens (and a chance at a Troy Smith Redemption or a Yamon Figurs) I will trade them.

  8. Houstoncollector-

    Whitesoxcat said he would offer you both the Panthers and Eagles for the Packers. Just let me know.

    Everyone else I am sure he would take other offers too.

  9. stusigpi-

    You want Giants for Lions?

  10. I'll take Panthers and Eagles for Packers, sure.

    Scubasteve, interested in Panthers for Texans?

  11. This is my first break and not all that familiar with 2007 NT. How do I fare with the Cardinals?

  12. cardman-

    The cardinals aren't the worst, but they also aren't that great. Lower middle of the road break team for 07.

    In my opinion there are far worse teams like the Bengals, etc.

    There are chances (very slim) on getting a nice Fitzgerald patch or possibly an auto. I will try and see if I have a checklist laying around from previous breaks and see what there might be available for them.

  13. houston- panthers for texans is a deal

  14. fatcat:Patriots for Steelers?


  15. Woot, Texans and Eagles. Now watch me hit nothing, and bot the Panthers and Packers hit HUGE. :D

  16. "In my opinion there are far worse teams like the Bengals, etc."

    Wow. Thanks for crapping in my yard.

  17. No problem Russ.

  18. Hope you took that with the proper sarcasm. I have done well with teams in every break but this one. I have no complaints.

    That being said, will you use a Delivery Confirmation on my Namath Cut?

  19. Russ, I did get that you were joking. I just want you to know that next time it would be nice if you would leave some toilet paper in the bushes. I now have a brown streak on my boxers.

    If you get a Namath Cut auto I am going to burn it on video then sweep up the ashes put them in a padded envelope and send them with signature confirmation. (kidding of course)

  20. Holy

    I went back and forth on this. Looked over the checklist and the draw of Sanders is just too great to give up the Lions. I would never forgive myself, or I would need to bust boxes until I came up with one.

    Thanks for the offer.

  21. stusigpi-

    That is fine. Thought I would at least make the offer.

  22. arfmax-

    What would it take to get my Vikings?

  23. HHitter,

    At that point, just keep the ashes and send me 2 triple threads baseball base cards with a delivery confirmation. Seems like the trend on youtube.

  24. voluntarheel-

    that one made me laugh hysterically

  25. Holy Hitter-Sorry, I would like to keep the Vikings for this break.



  26. armax-

    That is fine, but when that Sidney Rice Jumbo Patch auto that I have been lusting after gets pulled I am going to curse your name (kidding of course.....but if one is pulled keep me in mind....the AP I know there is no shot of me

    well so far it is looking like I have to put my hopes on some Tom Landry Love.

  27. holy hittler im goona keep the seahawks not much on the ravens accept RC's...


  28. arfmax,
    i'm going to hang on to steelers unless you are up for a steelers for vikings.

  29. fatcat-no thanks on Steelers for Vikings, thanks anyway