Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The only "REAL" Peterson Viking Head From Exquisite Is Up On Ebay

I have talked endlessly about the fakes that have plagued this industry. ENDLESSLY. Every time a set like Exquisite, SP Authentic or National Treasures is released, the lurking douchebags crawl out of their caves and start destroying the cards. It has now become easier for them to pass off their wares because so many of the high end products use premium patches so frequently. Despite this recent trend, most of the time, the cards are easy to spot and even some of the most uninformed of the uninformed part of the hobby wont bite. For this reason, when a card comes up for sale like this Peterson, it is definitely problematic in most cases. This one is different.

This card would normally raise all sorts of red flags because of how perfect the logo is on the card. Yet, unlike EVERY other Viking head logo out of 2007 Exquisite, Upper Deck's Gregg Kohn has confirmed this one is real. Per Gregg, this is the ONLY Viking head that was created for the product, and when it first surfaced back in 2008, it came with a letter from Upper Deck stating as such. Although the current card is horribly encased in an "Authentic" Beckett slab, that isnt the reason I have no problem with people drooling over this card.

The price on this card may be set at a lofty and unrealistic $5,000 dollars, but this is the only chance someone has to get a legit Viking head logo. If you see any others that make it on to ebay, they are not real. Bottom line.