Thursday, April 2, 2009

Call This My (Photo)Bucket List

When each person enters into collecting, they have a list. Their list consists of all the cards they want before they move on or whatever the case is. For me I have a list of autos, ones that I want to have in my possession before I stop collecting/die/sell everything. Aside from the guys on the twins curtain HOF, or many of the Vikings, there are a few other non-related things I want to get. I usually wont buy before I know its display-able, and as a memorabilia collecting sports card guy, I have some standards that must be met. Whether its on a card, on a ball, or on a jersey, it has to be real beyond a shadow of a doubt. It needs to fit on my wall, my shelf, or my desk, no exceptions. It also needs to be with the team they were mostly known for, so no Unitas on the chargers. Other than that, it just has to be cool. Here is my list:

Michael Jordan

Why he is on the list is a no brainer. I have an obsession with obtaining autos of all the greatest players from the modern era of sports, and he is obviously at or near the top of the list. He has tons out there, but everything remains ridiculous - a testament to how great he actually was. I would love to get a great photo or a nice card, but the counterfeits are tough to avoid.

Wayne Gretzky

Hockey was never one of my favorite sports, but I had an admiration for Gretzky as a player. He dominated much like Jordan dominated, and his autos are quite similar in price to Jordans at points, only because there are less Hockey cards than Basketball cards. When it comes to memorabilia, his stuff is much lower, but it is an auto that the casual fan can appreciate.

Hank Aaron (obtained)

Hammerin' Hank is one of the best baseball players ever. Add in the fact that he did it in a time of racial predjudice and adversity makes it more impressive. I read his biography in second grade, and became enamored with his accomplishments. I was very sad when a juiced douche broke his records, because Hank was a good guy, Bonds was not. I was lucky enough to get an auto'ed baseball which I had authenticated, so that one is checked.

Walter Payton (obtained)

Payton is the best running back I have seen, ever. Barry Sanders was on a similar level, and so was Emmitt Smith, but even at the pinnacles of their careers, they were still compared to Payton. His autos are still relatively cheap, as football history will never rival baseball history, but his cards are ridiculous. I opted for a signed notecard with a dark and wonderful sig. It came with a JSA letter, so im good on that.

Tiger Woods

I already posted on Tiger, so you know what I am about when it comes to him. I think that I would love a nice action shot to frame and hang, but a ball would do just fine. Ill never be able to afford a card, so that’s out, and my dream of owning a signed Masters pin flag from him will cost me thousands. I have no idea how I will get this one checked. I would also like a Nicklaus sig, but that is way down the list.

Joe Montana

I have had a Montana auto in my possession, but I sold it for the money to pay bills. Montana is considered one of the best football players ever, and I was a fan of the Niners while I was growing up. I think of all the people on the list, his auto is cheapest, but for my collection it would be great.

Tom Brady

Brady is still playing but his autograph is still pretty valuable. The reason is that he doesn’t sign much for the companies from what I have seen, although Topps must have a few stickers on demand for Triple Suck every year, and he hasn’t had a UD auto for ages. Brady has already won 3 superbowls, set a single season TD record, and done a whole lot of hot ass babes. This is one I want.

Mickey Mantle

I want a Mantle auto, and I am not sure why, considering my hate for the Yankees and for less than class act players. Mantle was both, but he still has an incredible value to the hobby. The problem is that he has to be one of the most counterfitted autos in the history of collecting, so even with PSA or JSA, there is no telling if it is real or fake without some expensive provenance. Ill probably not get this one out of all the list for that reason.

So far, that is my list, and I have a long, long way to go and a lot of money to spend. Hopefully I can get somewhere close to completion. My shelves are already pretty impressive, if I do say so myself, but this would make it that much better. I know you all have your list, who is on yours?


  1. Hm....I'll have to go with George Brett, I have one certified auto card but would love a bat or jersey. I agree with you on Tiger and have an extra kidney to sell but not sure it's worth that right now.

  2. Rich at Uncommon in Richfield had a Michael Jordan buyback stolen from his shop last summer. I guess it wasn't serial #ed, so he was SOL. It really sucks because I was thinking really hard about picking it up.

    I definitely have Jordan on my list, along with Derek Jeter. His stuff is pretty plentiful but a lot of it is on ugly shit like Piece of History. I'd really like an autographed Goudey of his and have been trying to track down a reasonably priced one for a while.

  3. Great list Gellman, I wouldn't disagree. Although I have about 8 or 9 Brady autographs after the TD record season they got tremendously harder to get.

  4. If you want the greatest basketball player, you need a Wilt Chamberlain autograph. Plus I'm betting that's a MUCH tougher autograph to get so to me it would be a more impressive item to display.

    I'd also want an Ali autograph. The biggest name in boxing ever and in many ways bigger than not only the sport of boxing, but bigger than all sports.

    Personally, I'd also love a Jack Johnson, the boxer, autograph. I know he's not as common a name as all of the other guys mentioned, but I've always been fascinated with his story. Plus that's another one that I'm betting would be very tough to get.

  5. I totally forgot about Ali, he is a favorite, though impossibly tough to find cheap. My dad has a signed pic as Ali AND Clay.

  6. Im the same with Brady. Want an auto so badly but EVERYTHING of his is so expensive. Wiggy26 on youtube if anyone want to get rid of one! :)

  7. Who authenticated the Aaron ball? Do you really trust JSA and PSA/DNA? I've lost all of my confidence in them ...

    Here are some auto's that I hope to get one day:

    - Mantle (already got DiMaggio so Mantle is next on my Yankee list)

    - Jordan

    - Gretzky

    - Willie Mays

    - Hank Aaron

    - Sandy Koufax

    - Nolan Ryan

    - Ken Griffey, Jr.

    - Cal Ripken

  8. I'd really like to get a Ty Cobb t206. I know he was a terrible person, but he really epitomizes an era in the sport that I am immensely interested it.

    I almost bought one that was torn in two, held together by some 1940s era tape. It still went for nearly 200 bucks.

  9. ICHIRO would be on my list, I got his 2001 SPx JSY AU. I wouldn't mind getting an ICHIRO autographed ball but probably a lot of fakes out there.

  10. Gellman:
    Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Benito Mussolini.