Friday, June 27, 2008

NBA Draft: Hold The Mayo

I am so pissed right now. SO FUCKING PISSED. The Wolves get a great pick at #3 in Mayo, and then deal him, in true McHaley fashion. With him they unload Jaric's hugemoungus contract and Antoine Walker, but they lose a potential All Star that you can build a team around. Lets face it, Big Al and K-love are not people that are a Marketing exec's dream.

Just for fuck's sake, lets take a walk down memory lane:

1996: Draft Ray Allen (All Star, Great Player, Three Bomb Specialist, HOF?), Trade for Marbury (Conceded, Doesnt mesh with Garnett, gone after a few years)

2006: Draft Brandon Roy (2007 ROY, 2007 All star, Great Player), Trade for Randy Foye (Still undecided - probably wont ever be as good as Roy).

Basically, we are not good at draft day trades. Nor trades in general for that matter. Look at the Jaric deal that still looms over this franchise even though he is now gone.

I would document the years in between, but they are filled with awful picks that never pan out. When it comes down to it, Kevin Mchale is as bad as Matt Millen, and he needs to go to a hell where he is forced to watch the team he built over and over and over again for all eternity, while Danny Ainge laughs as he waives his ring covered hand in his face. What a fuck face.

EDIT: Just a quick name note. As I was going back through the draft day lists, I came across this wonderful name that I could never imagine anyone living their life with. Dijon Thompson. Fucking DIJON fucking Thompson. Holy shitballs, who names their kid after mustard? Can you imagine what his young life must have been like as a Basketball player? "Yo Dijon cant pass the ball, he cant even pass the grey poupon!"


  1. The only silver lining to this trade is the fact that now I will not be tempted in the least bit to waste my money busting open boxes trying to get that sweet OJ Mayo card.

    Other then that I am done with the TWolves.

  2. Did you see Mayo's face after Beasley got called to Miami? Sheer bewilderment. All week, he was doing the press dancing around the possibility of going to Miami. My guess is that there was no way he was going to put on a T-Wolves uniform and probably let them know as much after the media sideshow. Otherwise, given McHale professed infatuation with Love, why wouldn't Minnesota take Love when they had the opportunity?

    Your team got the better end of that trade. Mayo will be good but, at best, is going to be a defensive stopper and a "tweener" on offense--not one to build the franchise around. Plus, you got a sure-fire starter in Miller, a guy with tremendous upside to compliment Jefferson, and got rid of some trash contracts. All in all, I wouldn't worry about it.

  3. Holy Hitter: Amen.

    enrico: Regardless, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Thank god Jaric is gone though, what a waste.

  4. Yeah, but Dijon was a great Bruin - too bad he fucked up his knee and blew his NBA career.

    Plus it's not the kid's fault their parents are idiots. At least OJ2 had the sense to use a nickname. About the only sense that he's ever used.