Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stephen A. Smith must...

Get off my TV. Why, oh why, do they poor kids have to go talk to Stephen A, when they should be talking to the nice blonde lady who's stuck interviewing the decrepit dude who owns the Knicks.

Stuart Scott is fine, and Van Gundy brings actual information to the table. But Steven A, please go away.

Bucks pick Joe Alexander from WVU at #8.

Gotta love the old school lights in the banquet room, THAT'S how you know it's a draft.


  1. I hate ESPN like you hate Beckett.
    Nothing but garbage!

  2. Steven A Smith is a racist piece of garbage. If that moron tells me the only reason I dislike Artest and Pacman just because I am a whitey again, I am heading off to Bristol with a claw hammer.

    Absolute douchebag.

  3. I sit just me or has Steven A. Smith failed at everything he has done? He is constantly being put on new programs.