Friday, June 27, 2008

Breaking Down CBS's Top 15

CBS recently released their Top 50 NFL players in the game today. Here is the article for those of you who want to check it out (I would). I wanted to respond, in terms of sports cards and sports in general, so my response is in italics.

1. Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots: Can he do any more than he did last season? The scary thing for the rest of the league is, yes he can.

As of 6 months ago, his cards were the most expensive there was. Period. TWGM values soared higher than anyone expected, and a lot of people made a ton of money. These days, prices are still pretty high, but they are deservedly so. Three time SB winner, record holder for most TDs in a season, led team to 16-0 year. The guy is one of the best ever.

2. Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts: Even Manning's down seasons are sensational. If Marvin Harrison is back this year, watch out.

Manning was a hobby giant from the beginning and he still is one of the hobby's favorite sons. His contenders RC auto was where Brady's was before the boom, and when all is said and done, they will end up about the same price. I think he is poised for a SB run this year, so maybe jump in while you can.

3. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego Chargers: His failure to play in the AFC Championship Game hurts his rep some, but he's still the best runner in the game.

If Favre was still playing, he'd be here. In terms of current stars, he was number two below Brady, which is very unusual considering Green Bay is...well Green Bay. Favre, although I hate to admit it, is one of the games greatest QBs and his hobby value will stick around for good.

On to Tomlinson, he is the 2nd RB in the Hobby, though he is first on the field. The guy has put up number after number and done it while pretty much healthy. As I have said before, that is a better judge of talent these days than anything. He also turned the Chargers from a perennial last place team to a first place one. His value is well founded and I see him as around where Emmitt and Sanders are when he is done.

4. Randy Moss, WR, New England Patriots: Talk about resurrecting a reputation. He wasn't on many top 50 lists a year ago. Now he's a top 10 player.

Randy Moss is great, but he wont be here at this spot after next season. Last year was one in a million and I dont see the Pats repeating anything even close. Moss has value in the hobby, but as a WR, he is not a hobby hero. I think one of the main reasons that Rice overcame that to obtain to WR value is because of attitude, which Moss lacks. He is a jerk and really wont be worth as much as he could have been if he was much nicer.

5. Champ Bailey, CB, Denver Broncos: It's chic to pick his game apart. That's foolish. Bailey is still the best cover corner in the game.

I agree that Bailey is the best CB in the game. Hands down. Hobby wise, he is the most valuable too, but that isnt saying much.

6. Mario Williams, DE, Houston Texans: Williams is making the Texans proud for passing on Reggie Bush and Vince Young to take this pass rusher. He might have been the league's best defensive player in the final eight weeks of 2007.

What a suprise he has been, huh? Bush puts up typical RC development numbers and takes the heat while Williams is cool as a cucumber. It showed last season too, as he moved into the upper eschelon of D-guys. Hobby wise, he will never be big because of his position.

7. Bob Sanders, S, Indianapolis Colts: The only thing holding him back is the injury issues. When he's on the field, the Colts have a different defense.

His name doesnt fit, but the guy is an anchor on defense. I disagree with his position on this list, because he isnt the reason the colts have a good defense. He is a contributor to that, but the D is good either way. When it comes to the cards, forget it.

8. Carson Palmer, QB, Cincinnati Bengals: After Brady and Manning he's the third-best quarterback. The Bengals need to run it a little better to take the heat off him.

Why the fuck is he so high on here? God, this is crazy. He is good, but not even close in the top 10 here. I think Eli is better than him at this point and even Rivers and Roethlisberger have a shot at beating him out too. No chance. Top QBs in the league according to actual stats: Favre, Brady, Manning, Manning, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Garrard. No mention of Palmer. When you talk about his cards, other than RC year he is a ghost.

9. DeMarcus Ware, OLB, Dallas Cowboys: He was given more freedom in Wade Phillips' version of the 3-4 and played better in 2007. Ware is a speed rusher who has his best football still in front of him.

Another suprise to me, considering that there are other LBs I would put ahead of him. Urlacher has more talent but a shittier team, Merriman is about the same but not on as visible of a team. The 'Boys D is great, but for a lot of reasons. Screw the guy who wrote this article.

10. Kevin Williams, DT, Minnesota Vikings: He is a powerful inside player who teams with Pat Williams to form the best tackle tandem in the league. He is good against the run, yet quick enough to get pass-rush penetration.

All homer-ism aside, he is the best Tackle in the game. The Vikes now have the best D-line, and possibly the best D, so I say this is a pretty good spot for him. When it comes to Defense in the cards, he falls in line, and hasnt had an auto since RC year.

11. Shawne Merriman, LB, San Diego Chargers: Merriman is a pass-rush force off the edge. His quickness and power are the perfect combination for the Chargers' 3-4 system. You have to account for him on every pass play.

This guy is a fucking douchebag, but he is a great LB. Steroids and other violations make him hated around the league, but certain people love him - I bet you can guess who. Either way, hobby value is middle of the road because of position. Where is Urlacher?

12. Jared Allen, DE, Minnesota Vikings: He led the league in sacks last season with the Chiefs. The Vikings added him to give them the best defensive line in the league. Allen plays hard all the time.

This guy was amazing last year and made his division pay for playing. In cards, he has nothing like Williams, which is sad, but expected. He deserves to be here, for now.

13. Terrell Owens, WR, Dallas Cowboys: Forget all the theatrics. He's a star player. He bounced back from his off 2006 season to be one of the best last season. I'd take him on my team any day.

You want him on your team? You can have him. His theatrics are the worst thing to happen to football since Randy Moss said he doesnt play every down. The cancer he brings into the locker room isnt worth the production on the field, for me at least. Football is more intangible centric because of the nature of the sport - something I hate to admit - but it is. The same people that love Merriman, love Owens. If you can guess who these people are, you are a smart guy. They arent the Joe Collectors, in case you are wondering.

14. Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee Titans: Before he got hurt midway through last season, he was on his way to a potential Defensive Player of the Year award. When motivated, he is as good as anybody inside.

Personally, this is bullshit. Only one RB before this guy on the list? Fuck that. You cant have a good team without a good QB and RB. You can have a good defense without a good DT. This is crap, especially because he hasnt put up what Williams has, and he is on a crappy team with a middle of the road D.

15. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings: Peterson was special as a rookie and should be even better this time around. He is a big, strong and fast and can rip off the big runs with an Eric Dickerson-like ease.

1st in the hobby, 1st in my heart, 2nd in the league. He wont be next year though, especially since MN didnt draft a good QB like Brohm to bench and develop this year while Jackson flounders for the last time. Stupid if you ask me. Plus, he still hasnt proven he is not injury prone, and he hasnt proven he can produce with 8-9 in the box. His values in the hobby will dip this year, but based on last year, he should be higher. 3 players in the top 15 for the Vikes though, nice.

This list is a D- for whoever wrote it, but it shows where the people in the industry put their values. If you aint a QB or RB, forget it, you wont be worth much. Kinda sad that defensive guys dont get their due. Here is my list for top 2007 hobby current stars, plus favre.

1. Brady
2. Peterson
3. Favre
4. Manning
5. Tomlinson
6. Romo
7. Roethlisberger
8. Bush
9. Manning 2
10. V. Young


  1. Man, no love whatsoever for Devin "worst auto in the hobby" Hester. The guy can single-handedly change the game, and he doesn't even get a mention? I know I'm a homer, but if you don't believe me, ask Todd Sauerbrun.

  2. Do you think Bush and V. Young will still be strong in the hobby this year? I thought they lost a lot of their appeal last year.

  3. Regardless of numbers, Bush and Young will continue to carry a premium.

  4. What about Lienart? Is he even playing anymore or just hanging at local sororities. Not that that's a bad thing.