Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Football Boxbusters Club Randomization Video

Trade Deadline: Thursday 4 p.m. PST
Break: Thursday Night June 4 at 7 p.m. PST


The Video: Youtube is currently experiencing difficulties.
Randomized 3 times:

Here are the team assignments:

1. Thomas - Tampa Bay Bucs
2. Wheeler - Jacksonville Jaguars
3. GeauxTigers - Baltimore Ravens
4. scubasteve - Atlanta Falcons
5. Captain Canuck - Tennessee Titans
6. Gellman - New England Patriots
7. cardman312 - New Orleans Saints
8. I Am Joe Collector - Eagles
9. I Am Joe Collector - Dallas Cowboys
10. scubasteve - Houston Texans
11. Wheeler - New York Jets
12. Captain Canuck - Arizona Cardinals
13. FreeThrowTommy - New York Giants
14. matts - Buffalo Bills
15. GeauxTigers - Kansas City Chiefs
16. Groat - San Francisco 49ers
17. Groat - Cleveland Browns
18. scubasteve - Washington Redskins
19. arfmax - Minnesotta Vikings
20. arfmax - Denver Broncos
21. thomas - San Diego Chargers
22. Wheeler - Green Bay Packers
23. darkship - Cincinnati Bengals
24. darkship - Chicago Bears
25. RCarr - Detroit Lions
26. GeauxTigers - Miami Dolphins
27. GeauxTigers - Pittsburgh Steelers
28. IamJoeCollector - Rams - Seahawks
29. voluntarheel - Colts
30. voluntarheel - Colts
31. Holy Hitter - Oakland Raiders
32. Holy Hitter - Carolina Panthers

Trade at will.


  1. bahahahahahahahahahaha. enough said


  2. Raiders and Colts are up for trade.

  3. Captain Canuck contacted me with a trade sorta offer.

    I am good with Colts for Titans. Please confirm

    Hitter: Raiders for Panthers?

    ScubaSteve: Falcons for Cowboys?

  4. I'm good with falcons for cowboys.

  5. HHitter- both for the panthers?

  6. Falcons for cowboys confirmed

  7. I kind of like the Panthers and Eagles, but I would be willing to do the following trades (first come first served basis):

    Arfmax- Eagles for Vikings

    Geuex Tigers- Panthers for Ravens

    scubasteve- Eagles and Panthers for Falcons and Redskins/ or Eagles for Texans

  8. HH-One of these times, I have to get a Peterson hit, even if not a rookie hit! Thanks, but I will pass.


  9. sorry holy, i am loving the thought of getting another flacco auto.

    card man, saints for KC?

  10. It is all good arfmax and LSUsg, I understand your positions.

    Mark my words folks because I can predict the future (Actually I wish I could).

    Jonathan Stewart Patch Auto is coming. DeSean Jackson Patch Auto is coming. I can feel it.

    Anyways my replacement on running these breaks already broke my spirit by pulling an AP Sweet Spot Parallel Auto in his Sweet Spot break, so I expect karma to smile upon me. Wait I don't believe in Karma....well something like that should happen if there is any justice in the world.

    Best of luck everyone.

    Scuba if you don't want to do a trade it is okay with me too, just thought I would throw the offers out there.

  11. voluntarheel-

    Are you saying you don't want more Marc Bulger autos? As tempting as it is let me think about it longer and find out about some other offers to see if I am down.....I will get back to you later tonight or tomorrow.

  12. stusigpi-

    How about Eagles for Raiders? (Make up for that Vikings kick in the pants....kidding, I am over it and knew that you could trade the Vikes for those).

  13. Tarheel: colts for rams and seachickens?

  14. There are some good raider hits. I wanted the panthers because stewart is a hometown guy. Let me think on it a bit. If targeel accepts my offer I'll be moreinclined to accept your offer.

  15. Just looked at the cards list for the SP...i am withdrawing my offer for the saints for KC trade. sorry cardman if you didnt get to see the offer

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  17. Stusigpi, I will do colts for my 2 provided hh isn't giving up the panthers. So lock that up. Thanks.

  18. Come oooonnn Lions... I'm feeling a Barry Sanders auto coming out tonight! LOL


  19. Raiders for Eagles - Done

    Colts for Rams (No Bulger No Bulgers Stop!) and Seahawks - Done

  20. tarheel,

    Hitter emailed me and told me to assure you he is keeping the panthers.

  21. looking forward to the break tonight..anyone want to make any bold predictions on what the biggest hit will be? I want to say a low #'ed Matt Ryan auto..just feel like one is coming

  22. nah the pats are lacking in the hit dept

  23. Eh, i wouldnt say that with Oconnell and Welker all over this product.

  24. on the list welker is listed as a Fin

  25. not a fan of either though

  26. lets see some cards!! the break was an hour ago =)