Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How Are The Fake Stickers Done?

From JustinD:


Any common rubbing alcohol will remove Sharpie. A calm hand with a q-tip of rubbing alcohol (99% will work best and evaporate quickly before clouding the sticker) should clean up a sticker logo with no damage. You should also be able to peel it up nicely with a thin razor (the old paper thin two sided refill kind your grandpa used).

My worry is also elsewhere in elkridgesportscards listings. As you can easily see the sticker autos are faked. However they are also listing several fake logo patches, which means they are moving forward in scamming. The worry for me is that all of the buyback autos they have listed look fake too. I think they are peeling topps holos and sticking them on base cards and signing them. All those autos look off, and the topps seals on the holders look strange. I think it is another step in the fakery for elkridge.


Thanks Justin, hopefully this post will not be used for evil. 

NOTE: Justin is not the person selling these cards.

NOTE 2: See the video from Rob at VOTC. For the record, its Gellman with a G like Golf, haha.


  1. This was too easy. See the video at http://www.VoiceOfTheCollector.com

  2. Why are you idiots publicly explaining how to do this? You can say hopefully this will not be used for evil all you want, but it will. I cringed when I read the other day you wanted to know how to so you could post it.

  3. Eh, I think its more important to inform rather than ignore.

    Feel free to continue to take an opposite stance.

  4. I don't feel informing is a bad thing but I liked how you informed people on what to look for more than how to do it.

  5. Well, people will do it regardless of what I report, unfortunately. I just wanted to see how easy it was.