Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Fake Autos Have Been Around Longer Than Once Expected...

After receiving some talk on message boards after being posted here and on VOTC, a few people have chimed in and given their history with this scam.

Here is an auction of an Adrian Peterson Gold Refractor "Autograph" that sold for 310 dollars. Wow. Notice, this auction has both front and back pics.

First off, for the casual collector, the following things would be pretty tough to spot - especially on one that is done like this. First is the auto, as it is very, very off from the normal autos. The 28 is written wrong, the crossing "T" is done incorrectly. Secondly, on the normal bowman chrome autos, there is a printing break a little above the top of the sticker. Its like the ghost line from the year before. This is refractor all the way through. Lastly is the spot just below the 8 in the sig, its not supposed to be there. Its most likely a problem from the sticker transfer.

Let's look a little closer:


Other than the mentioned imperfections, its not any different from a normal auto. That's what is so scary. The normal auto language is not there on the back, because these cards NEVER had it. Apply the sticker and apply the cert sticker on the back, and it looks real.

One of the board members on TCC also posted this list of people who are known to fake the stickers.

elkridgesportscards (new)

Trust me, this has been submitted to eBay by numerous people, numerous times, and there has been ZERO correction or discipline. Its going to get much worse before it gets better.


  1. that is t.wall BTW Furthermore maybe some venom should be directed toward ebay instead of Beckett. Seems ebays issues are far worse


  2. here is the REAL one that is a gold version and not silver

  3. Between the fake stickers and the growing number of suspicious looking 'buyback' autos I feel bad for all the peaople spending big bucks on worthless cards.

  4. Holy Crap...I spent a ton of moey with T.Wall at his retail store until I found out what a piece of S%^& he really was....after I found a scale sitting on his desk in his offie with a bunch of opened boxes. Only a matter of time before it catches up with him. He used to sell patches for al MLB teams also on Ebay until he pulled them....I am guessing to cut them and spice up some patch cards.

  5. We can make a difference! I sent asked donruss to confirm that the pete rose card onlytherare has up is fake, and here is there responce. I had already asked them to confirm the tom brady was fake, which they said it was also

    Updated By: Donruss Admin Created Response No. 6 Friday, June 05 2009 12:07:53 PM
    Description Details:
    Thank you for letting us aware of all this. We are also trying to shut this person down since he is falsely representing and altering our products.

  6. Add another eBay ID to the list: interweber.
    I always check out McGwire autos...the one listed is obviously fake. The entire lot of them probably are.

  7. Wow! Who in thier right mind would drop that kind of cash on a sig, knowing that there is a possibility it wasn't signed by the actual person?

    On second thought, I should buy a few Peterson cards myself. He's a local kid, and I know plenty of folks that know him that could help me out. I could cut ol' Adrian in on a percentage of all signed cards that are sold. Cha-ching!

  8. "Wow! Who in thier right mind would drop that kind of cash on a sig, knowing that there is a possibility it wasn't signed by the actual person?"
    They sold that card as a Bowman Chrome Auto, which is certified.. The fact that someone put a fake sticker and stamp on a lesser Bowman card is just ridiculous.. Certified autos go for WAY more than $300 on ebay too, because of the fact you DO kno that the person actually signed it.. You just have to know what you're looking at and trust your seller.

  9. I have had a run in with T.wall and his fake 2007 topps Rookie Premiere auto's, I have wrote topps vp of sales in reference to this situation stating that if they cant help us stop these low lifes then my buddies and i will stop buying products from them.. Thanks for having this website up! you saved me a TON of money from fakes from T.wall!

  10. T.wall is one of the ebay user's selling fakes!