Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monthly Box Break Club: April Showers (FULL)


Schedule: Tonight by 10 p.m. Team Randomization
Trades Open: Until Saturday at 10 p.m. central time
Break w/video post & scans: Sunday Afternoon by 6 p.m. central time

April Showers usually indicate May Flowers, but in this case they equal fun little bonuses. Nothing has baffled me more than the fluctuating prices of National Treasures for all years over the past few months. One month some are between $220-240 and then bam two weeks later they are $330 or almost $400. Well we caught a down swing and I couldn't pass it up for us, so for April we will be doing (2) Boxes of 2007 National Treasures with an added bonus.

***Added Bonus: Along with the two boxes of 2007 National Treasures will be one box of 2008 Donruss Threads. All those slots which do not get a "hit" from the National Treasures will get a pack from the 08 Threads Box (so everyone gets something for their money). So say only 9 teams are represented by the "hits" from NT, then that would mean 23 packs of the Threads box would be divided between the 23 non-hit slots. The extra packs will be broken on video and any "hits" would be given to the teams owned in the break.***

As usual slots are reserved for those participating the month before and they have until March 31st to get their payments in to keep their reservation. On April 1st any slots not paid for will be available on a first come, first served basis. Details below:

(1) (2) Boxes of 2007 National Treasures (with added Bonus Packs described above from (1) Box of 08 Threads)
(2) $15 per slot
(3) Slot = 1 random team (assigned via video of random.org)
(4) Payments sent to: justin.halbersma@gmail.com (via paypal)---**Make sure to include address and handle/screenname**
(5) Until April 1st only those people listed below should send payment. On April 1st (or before if someone says they are passing) slots can be paid for on a first come, first served basis.
(6) Once break is completely full, teams will be assigned and can be traded the next two days between participants.
(7) Break as usual will be videotaped and posted on here and youtube (and as usual everything is done on camera from opening boxes to pack to showing cards)

Hopefully this one will yield some nice rookies along with some nice veteran/legend cards.

1. Holy Hitter (paid)
2. wheeler (paid)
3. kickstand (paid)
4. houstoncardcollector (paid)
5. Wheeler (paid)
6. bdavid (paid)
7. cardman312 (paid)
8. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
9. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
10. scubasteve (paid)
11. scubasteve (paid)
12. Psad21 (paid)
13. Psad21 (paid)
14. Holy Hitter (paid)
15. kickstand (paid)
16. Groat (paid)
17. Groat (paid)
18. scubasteve (paid)
19. arfmax (paid)
20. arfmax (paid)
21. fatcat4262 (paid)
22. fatcat4262 (paid)
23. darkship (paid)
24. darkship (paid)
25. whitesoxcat(paid)
26. whitesoxcat(paid)
27. sonic (paid)
28. sonic (paid)
29. voluntarheel (paid)
30. voluntarheel (paid)
31. darkship (paid)
32. wheeler (paid)


  1. I'd like to get back in, if someone wants to give up a slot, or if someone doesn't pay.

  2. houston, you can have my spot, its not an issue.

  3. I will switch Houston and Gellman and Houston you can pay by March 31st to keep Gellman's spot.

  4. Nice Work on the selection this month HHitter!

  5. Just sent payment. As always, I'm looking forward to this.

  6. If anyone is interested in giving up a spot let me know and I'd be interested also.

  7. cardman32-

    check back on April 1st to see if there are any open spots that were not paid for. Any open spots will become available on a first-come; first-served basis.

    Otherwise I will also try and get ahold of wheeler who may give up 1 of his 3 spots since he purchased an extra last month to get it moving quicker.

  8. When do think the break will take place?

  9. I will fill the empty spots if they don't fill by night Wednesday. Then I will do the randomized team assignments and trading will be open until Saturday at 10 p.m. (central time). I will do the break on Sunday afternoon and post it up.

  10. i will take one sending paypal at 12.00 pm est

  11. sent payment just now for first GB eva