Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tiger Woods May Be The Biggest Buy Now Athlete in The World

Right now, Tiger Woods is on the up and up after a debilitating injury that could have put him out for good. He has already won a slew of Majors, more tournaments than you can shake a nine iron at, and you better believe he is the person that tops my lists of autos you MUST get in the next year.

As we saw this past Sunday, Tiger is a freak of nature. He is the beast of beasts, quite possibly THE most talented athlete in the world. For those of you who play golf, you know what I am talking about when it comes to the difficulty of the game. I have played golf since I was 5, and I still cannot hit a ball over 250 yards, and even if I did, it wouldnt go in the right direction. I know someone who was lucky enough to play in a tournament round with Tiger, and he said that it was like watching perfection in action. He said that Tiger did not make one mistake the whole time he was out there. Im not talking about shanking it into the schmutz or even not reaching a green in regulation, I am talking about hitting every fairway with your drives, landing each approach shot within mere feet, and putting on a below two average per hole. The guy is the best ever, and could be among the best players of any sport in any sense of the words.

Right now, to get a Tiger Woods autographed anything will cost you above 300 dollars if you want something even worth your time. Guess what? It will be worth every single cent in the coming years. Tiger has done more for golf than any single person has done for a single sport, and that will only become more relevant as he moves forward.

If you have the money to purchase one of his SPA golf cards, I would do so before buying any case of anything. There is no way your investment will decrease in value, even if he were to retire tomorrow. Michael Jordan may have been the best and most visible athlete before, but he never meant as much to his sport as Tiger does to his. Jordan's autos are the most valuable every year, regardless of set, and Tiger will not be any different. Luckily, he is signing quite a bit for upcoming UD sets, and that is only the best thing that could happen for those of you who dont have his auto yet. I dont, and I will surely be looking for one. My brother has both a photo and a ball signed by him, and you can imagine the worth of those in 20 years. I met Jack Nicklaus and watched him play, I also watched Tiger, its like watching Joe Dimaggio as compared to Albert Pujols. Joey D was one of the greatest, but when it comes to today's athletes, he wouldnt hold a candle to Pujols, Rodriguez or the other top players. Its just a matter of time frame, and the same is said for Nicklaus and Woods.

In fact, there has never been another player to have the game changed to challenge him. Tiger's presence in golf has prompted new golf course designs, new huge distances from the tee, new depth in the bunkers. Ruth was a player who could have been challenged by bigger parks, but it never happened. Augusta redesigned the course after Woods' -19 performance in his first Masters win, which did little to prevent his victories, but rather only grew the stroke counts.

Its quite simple, Tiger is amazing, will always be amazing, and even for the casual fan, there is no reason to ever think about buying another expensive case of cards until you own something of his. For the rest of us, you can bet that if you had the money you should be buying, so maybe its time to set a goal for yourself. Dont miss out while things are still low, and yes I do realize the prices that he is at right now.


  1. I don't disagree with any of the Tiger comments but there has been a player that had the game changed to challange him. The NBA put in a few rules to stop Wilt Chamberlan from scoring so many points; most notably is the 3 second violaiton.

  2. Don't get me wrong, Tiger IS THE MAN. But this is freakin golf you're talking about. The same sport where Phil "Man Boobs" Mickleson and Jon "300lb Drunken Gorilla" Daly serve as Tiger's competition.

    It's hard for me to consider golf a sport when some of these guys can barely walk from hole to hole. Tiger IS GOLF. He made it a reason for people to pay attention.

    When it comes down to it though, I can't think of anything more monotonous than watching out of shape old men hitting around a tiny white ball.

  3. I really have to disagree with you, though I would never watch anything other than the Masters without Tiger in it.

  4. Tiger's hot right now. After this past weekend, his stuff is on fire. It's a really bad time to buy.

    The best time to buy would have been when he was hurt. Now, you'd be smart to buy when he cools off. And he will cool off. Nobody stays hot forever. Nobody.

  5. He's a living legend. Don't think an average person is ever going to find a good time to buy an Auto definetly of a card technically he's never hot or cold. This is one of those auto's I won't buy, just can't justify getting without some real I don't give a shi* cash laying around. Course if I went on a card buying strike for around 4 months I'd save enough to get an auto, Hmmm nope not getting a tiger auto anytime soon. Be sweet to have though. Grant