Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Box Buster Club Break

This break had some sweet cards. In my humble opinion the subsets this year are the best designed of all the years. Kudos to DLP for a great looking product (minus those manufactured patch auto cards that should stay in Rookie and Stars, etc.)!


Other Not Pictured:

Malcolm Kelly Rookie Signature Jumbo Prime Materials Silver Redemption

Randomization Video:


  1. C'mon, Cowboys!

    BTW, if I /did/ hit something and there was some Houston stuff in it, I'm willing to trade :)

  2. Does the Earl Campbell on the Houston Oilers go to me, since I have the Houston Texans?

    Let me know, and thanks!


  3. I don't like these breaks of one box for the monthly boxbusters, too much of a gamble. Some of the teams are so heavy on hits while others are very light.

  4. As stated on the Video the Earl Campbell goes to the Titans since that is the team whose history is still maintained according to the Oilers records.

  5. stusi-

    The way I look at it its a crap shoot either way. I personally love the design of National Treasures and would rather crap shoot that and not have to deal with tons of base then do something like Topps Finest, 08 Leaf Limited, or any of the Donruss mid-range to low-end products.

    But that is a matter of taste. Next month's box busters club will have multiple hit chances with multiple boxes.

  6. Man, gave up the Bears for the Cowboys. Oh well. The SPA was good to me, at least.

  7. Holy Crap! I actually hit something! That Steve Smith is Sweet!!

    Do you know if they wash those jerseys? Cause I've always wondered what 'bad-ass' smells like.



  8. Whoever had Rams in the SPA break, if cards havn't been shipped yet I'm asking if you want to trade that card straight up for the YA Tittle patch auto I got in this break?

  9. yes, houston, i definately hear you. I did get the best card out of this box, however, I gave away that romo auto from spa too. I'm happy with that. First time I got anything from a blog break

  10. Lars-

    You are talking about the YA Tittle from the SP Authentic break right? for the Marshall Faulk from the SP Authentic break.....

    That was stusigpi or "I am Joe Collector" I will email him and see what he says.