Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Look: 2009 UD Draft Football

Well, its that time of year already, and UD draft already has their products for the 2009 draft locked and loaded. Last year I talked about UD draft as a scaled up version of Press Poop and SAGE, and this year, it doesn’t seem all that different. The main upgrade is it seems that there will be a few more current player autos and the design looks a hell of a lot better. Gregg mentions that the product will feature 5 on card autos per box, and for an early product, that is pretty huge. Will it ever be as good as the first product after the RC premiere? No, it wont, but I would definitely advocate this product over the alternatives to satisfy your urges until July comes around.

If you remember the design abortion that was Topps Rookie Progression, you know exactly what I mean.


  1. I like the term 'design abortion'.

  2. For starters, Press Pass is, by far, my favorite football product. I did not like last years design and thought 2007 was the nicest. It was clean with a nice big college team logo.

    I liked UD's designs on last years draft edition cards better than 08 Press Pass.

    I also do not like how they are incorporating current players into the set. I will probably not buy a box of this this year because of that reason.