Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January Box Buster Club Break

Well technology has cooperated but at an extremely slow pace. Here are the videos and scans of the highlights. Cards will be going in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for everyone who participated.

Box #1

Box #2

Box #3

Box #4


Other Highlights Not Pictured:

Marshall Faulk By the Letter Auto #/10 Redemption
Y.A. Tittle By the Numbers Auto #/135 Redemption


  1. Both redemptions I was hoping it was a Matt Ryan and then was dissappointed when I saw that it was Faulk until I realized I had the rams too.

    Those are kind of tough breaks for the money.

  2. Holy, unless you've already got the stuff ready to go you don't need to send me any base cards. I've got no particular affinity towards either of my teams.

  3. Who does the Tittle go to? he played for several teams....

  4. Groat- Thanks I will keep them in a pile.....I think I am going to fill out a box of the unwanted base and then random it off as a free gift to someone interested once it is full of base from the breaks.

    darkship- The Tittle goes to the Giants. I looked at the Upper Deck Checklist online to make sure that this was the team the card was associated with.

  5. No need to send me anything. You can just email me the Faulk redemption code. I didn't see any other Rams or Falcons of interest.

    Jeff aka I am joe collector

  6. Jeff-

    Sounds good I will email you the code after I go home for lunch and return to work.

  7. was there even one jaguar in those 4 boxes, by the way, if there was keep it. no need to send me anything from this break either. I'll just take my cards from the nt

  8. stusigpi >

    Want to trade the Faulk redemption for the Tittle redemption?

  9. Lars-

    He emailed me back saying he was going to stick with the Faulk.

  10. no need to give me my base cards either - vmonfredo

  11. vmonfredo-

    well you get a surprise package of base...already had it sealed up and postage on it.....good to know for next time though

  12. Sorry Lars, i couldn't get the my comment to post from my phone.