Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This Could Be The Coolest Sports Card Ever Created

Thank you to Russ (Voluntarheel) for giving up his soul for this card. It was worth it, because now I get to post it for everyone to gaze upon with the eyes of a lamb. Please, revel in the glory of this amazing spectacle of autographic deification.*

Is this awesome because his name is lord? Is this awesome because he signed his FULL name? Is this awesome because his handwriting is that of a fourth grader? All of the above are true. Consider me among the saved.


*Yes, I purposely made sure that "deification" was one letter away from "defication."


  1. Hey! You made Deadspin!!


  2. Yeah, I saw that, they are big Shammgod fans. How could you not be?

  3. That is awesome. Great find!

  4. Totally awesome! I remember God Shammgod when he was in college and loving his name!

  5. Like I told Gellman, I just need to find a Scientific Mapp auto to feel complete.

  6. By the way, some on Deadspin are questioning the authenticity. Now, I will be the first to say that I traded for this card and didn't pull it from a pack. But it looks pretty ligit. I scanned the back of the card for those who are curious.


    And if you want to make an offer. Feel free, but the BIN price is $25,000. I had a guy once offer way, way more.

  7. Who fucking cares if its real or not, its still fucking awesome.