Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 5

Wow, if that wasnt a squeaker, I dont know what is. Although it was a win, and I was jumping up and down when they threw that flag, it could have been the sloppiest Vikings win since Tice left the team. I would say that we didnt win, that the Saints lost, but that would be way too cliche. Lets just say it was the Antoine Winfield's world, and the Saints were livin' in it. Anyways, there are some things I did want to touch on.


As long as I have been a Vikings fan, I have seen very few games (if any) where the refs hand the game to us. I thank one "Sir Randius Mossius" for that, but thats another column for another day. The missed facemask penalty, other penalties that went our way, calls that should have gone one way, went our way instead. In my opinion, the refs decided the first half of this game, at least. As for the second, well not as much.

Gus Frerotte

The guy was cooler than the Fonz out there and even after that huge hit, he still kept it together. I know he will be another Brad Johnson that the Vikings try to hang their hat on, as usual, but this is his last hurrah for his career, so I say run him until he cant run no more. I loved the passes downfield - FINALLY! - and I also loved him avoiding the ever present rush created by our lazy ass o-line. I hope he can make it a few more games.

Adrian Peterson

Its nice to see he can have an AWFUL game and we can still win. It took stuff that hadnt ever happened to do it, but we pulled it off. I want to say his bad game was due to him, but really I saw a plethora of Saints jerseys EVERY SINGLE TIME HE TOUCHED THE BALL. That was not his fault as he was avoiding tackles at the handoff. Its time to whip the line into shape because they had a piss poor game.


When you have two straight false start penalties on a critical third down, you should be running laps. I dont care how loud it was. That is inexcusable shit. McKinnie should have been in partial stride tonight after being gone, but he looked lost. Hopefully he picks it up next week or I will fry him.

Red Zone Offense

Fuck this shit. Fuck it in its fucking ass. Dont try to sell me shit and call it sugar. That play from Taylor was a fucking joke and there was not a single reason it should ever come to that. I fucking hate you Childress.

Bernard Berrian

Thanks for finally showing up you ass. You made some great plays this week and if you do it again next week, I will take you off my shit list. We pretty much owe the second half to you, and that fall down catch for a TD was amazing. The comeback catch you made to save Frerotte's ass, that was great too. The penalty? Icing on the cake. Tonight, you were worth your millions.

Next week we have a sure win in the Lions, which means we will lose decisively. The fact that we are looking on the verge of a 3-3 team in first place with the way we have played, is fucking crazy. We have played like an 0-5 team in the second halves of most of these games, and the first halves, were not much better. I swear to god I will hurt someone if the Vikings lose, but that is inevitable, so the search begins now for that one unlucky soul.

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  1. I had the Vikings D in my fantasy league, and my opponent had Reggie Bush. After Bush's second punt return TD, I was down two. Luckily, the Vikes kick their field goal, and the Saints get the ball back with just enough time for Brees to throw a bomb and get picked off. Giving me two points to salvage the tie. Better than losing.

    It was a solid game, this season's Monday Nighters have been a marked improvement over last year's.