Monday, October 6, 2008

NFL Week 5: Value Bumps

Of all the weeks so far, this was the most boring in my opinion. I felt myself snoozing on a lot of these games, and other than the colts/texans, there werent many fireworks. Besides that, there were a few bumps.

Matt Ryan

I dont remember a rookie QB doing this well, in terms of leading his team, in a long, long time. He has beaten a good team in the Packers (thank the lord), and really hasnt made THAT many mistakes. Michael Turner helps a lot, but ill get to that in a second. Matty ice is pretty much everything the falcons needed, and he has led them to a top half record so far. Lets see if it holds up.


Michael Turner

Playing against a defense that hasnt been great against the run, he did very well. In fact, he hasnt had many bad weeks. I still am not going to say he is the real deal, but he is pretty close. Lets let him get a full season under his belt before we crown him. He IS leading the league in rushing, and he is leading the league in Touchdowns, but he is all the falcons have really. Roddy White was good this week, but where is the rest of the offense? Either way, this guy gets a bump.


Felix Jones

Its not often you get to steal the RB spotlight away from Barber, but Jones did. He has been pretty solid on kickoffs and the change of pace back, and yesterday, Jones had a great game. I dont think he is on the level of Stewart and Johnson, but he is defintely top 5. As a cowboy, his stuff is never going to be inexpensive, but you may want to take a look before they put Barber back to where he is best, and Jones gets the "Julius Jones" half of the carries. The difference between the two Jones'? Felix is better. Take that as you will.


Eddie Royal

Its been a rough few weeks for Fast Eddie. Injuries have complicated things, and I think he is finally coming down to earth. Again, as a WR, his cards will never be worth anything, but I think this week will help bring them down.


Calvin Johnson

Where the fuck did this guy drop off to? Oh, right, he's a Lion. They dump Millen by the side of lake michigan, and they still get their ass handed to them by Kyle "fucking" Orton. He has had a string of bad weeks and you can pretty much blame Kitna for that. Kitna sucks ass to begin with, and I would expect he will be gone by the end of this year now that Mr. Suck is gone too. I expect the Lions to have the best draft of anyone, as they will only win two games this year - the Vikings next week and the Vikings later in the season.


Brandon Jacobs

Wow, he put up a great game. He isnt Tiki, so his value wont be top billing until he at least changes his name to Ronde, but he still gets a bump after that monster.


Ronnie Brown

Another monster of a week on a pre-season dog. Wow. I am wondering where he decided to crawl out of. Maybe Ricky Willams' dreads?


Here are some possible bumps for next week:

Adrian Peterson: You are going against the Lions, nuff said.
Jonathan Stewart: Big week ahead against the Bucs, you better bring it.
Darren McFadden: After a week to heal, if you suck, so will your cards.
Kurt Warner: If you put up one more big game, I think your values may start to climb once more. Then again you are like 90 in FB years, so maybe its too little too late.


  1. No Burress and more joy than ever. Giants really are a TEAM, lots of good players, not so many stars. Sinorice Moss, Domenik Hixon and the ever so reliable working horse Amani Toomer.

    Sure, Burress is a star and the Giants will need him, but they showed that there is more talent behind him.

    Was hoping to see more of Steve Smith when Burress was gone, but I can't really complain after a game like that. Jacobs and R.Brown, my two favorite running backs are doing quite good as well :)

  2. I'm still unsure of Michael Turner...the Packers haev been bad against the rush this year, so Michael still may just be a good back on paper. Time will tell.

  3. What. No update on Forte? Outrage!

    I agree with the Lions QB situation. Calvin's value might be down, but you can't argue his talent. Put him with an above-average QB and he shreds it. It's laughable how they can't get him the ball. Stanton won't get his shot and he is the only one with the arm strength to stretch the field.

    Can you tell that Calvin's on my fantasy squad?