Saturday, October 4, 2008

SCU Breaks: October High End (Absolute)

Well we are halfway filled up for the break. Feel free to spread the word with anyone you might know.

This break will be of (2) boxes of 07 Absolute Memorabilia and (2) boxes of 08 Absolute Memorabilia. Boxes will be ordered as soon as it fills and teams will be assigned via video of The break as usual will also be videotaped and posted on YouTube and on here. Once again here are the details:

Now for the details:
(a) $33 for a spot
(b) A spot is for (2) random teams
(c) Payments should be sent to: (via paypal)
(d) When submitting payment make sure to let me know how many spots and your screen name
(e) All cards will be shipped out (even those common base cards)! [bet you can't wait for that Kerry Collins base card]

1. Holy Hitter (host)
2. voluntarheel (paid)
3. houstoncollector
4. Gellman (paid)
5. psad21 (paid)
6. whitesoxcat (paid)
7. sonic (paid)
8. penguin101 (paid)
9. cardboard addiction (paid)
10. groat (paid)

At a minimum there will be 4 autographs and 12 other memorabilia cards (some of these could be autos also). Spread the word.


  1. Cardboard Addiction is in! I just sent payment via Paypal.

  2. I'm in as well. Sent payment, but forgot to attach my screen name like the special person I am. If you need me to contact you, I will.

  3. Not much interest for this :(? Only have full so far. I don't know how fast these usually fill, but seems a bit slow?

  4. There is someone else interested but can't pay until Friday....if houston collector pays then we would be at 11 spots full and only 5 spots left to go as of Friday......Gellman posted a video on youtube and I have tried to drum up some interest....but I hope to have it filled by the end of this week.