Monday, September 29, 2008

Value Bumps: Week 4

Not much happened to the rookies this week, but there were quite a few suprises in terms of the rest of the league. Dallas lost, Philly lost, and a lot of people had some great games.

Brett Favre

I dont know how he fucking does it, but he continues to be a force despite having the body age of 85. 6TDs is a monster and a half, and I was shocked to see that he did it in such awful jerseys. Also, I dont know how his cards can get any more of a bump, so ill say his Jets stuff just gained a head of steam.


Matt Forte

I told you Philly would kill him. 19 for 43 when the offense was moving is a pretty bad game. He had 40 receiving, but those were nothing special. I wish people would just see him as a mediocre starting back rather than a guy whose SPA Patch Auto will break $300.


Chris Johnson

He puts up two TDs against the league's stingiest defense? Thats impressive. He did okay for the game, and he is quickly becoming the front runner for OROY. Too bad his auto didnt pass 2nd grade, a real loss for the collecting base. Hopefully the manufacturers will ban him from products until he signs with a number or something. Its embarassing.


Adrian Peterson

I am putting him on this list because it is a feat to keep even with the bumps he got from last year. He is in the top 5 in yards and has 3 TDs on an offense that barely makes it close to the red zone each game. He is doing it with no QB and no WRs, and I gotta give him props for accomplishing as much as he has.


Darren McFadden

Wow, he dropped off the face of the earth due to that injury. 7 for 20 gets you a big downer, especially when Michael Bush gets your carries. Not necessarily his fault, but not my problem either.


Larry Johnson

Where oh where have you been lately? Oh, thats right, stuck on a shitty team and injured. Well, its nice to have you back, have a few TDs. I guess now would be a good time to buy in because his prices are WAAAY down and he is showing that he wont be the next Priest Holmes. Its nice to see he can make it back to where he was. Dominant on the league's worst. Good job.


Ryan Grant

I totally loved seeing this guy crash and burn. People were paying in upwards of $225 for a sweet spot rookie, and now he is all over every product. I complained back in the beginning of the offseason how much I loathed the fact he was given so much attention in products, and I now have a hearty laugh reserved for the idiots who bought in before he actually accomplished anything outside of half a good season. It only goes to show how much Favre meant to the Packers, as everyone benefited from his dangerousness.


Michael Turner

Man, what a crappy game that was overflowing with nothingness for him. You can be the burner all you want, but with a rookie QB, I am not going to let you beat me at all.


Jonathan Stewart

Not bad, not great. Show me some big games or ill give up on your chances of hitting OROY for this year.


Possible Bumps For Next Week

Laurence Maroney- I hate the system you are in. If you could be on a normal team, I would love you. Right now you are heading down a long and lonely road.

Jonathan Stewart - You get KC next week, be happy. Run happy.

Anthony Gonzalez - I see big things for him next week, but he is a WR, and WRs are never worth anything.

Chris Johnson - Good luck with Baltimore. You're going to need it.

Matt Forte - You get the Lions, you lucky fucking bastard. I hope you have an awful game so I can forget about you.


  1. You've got some serious issues with Matt Forte. What does it stem from is the question. Personally I don't care much about him other than he has lit it up for my fantasy team this year.

    I've got my money on Jonathan Stewart as the best in class anyway.

  2. The reason I rag on him is because he has been given value in the hobby among the top RBs of the year, and he is FAAARR from it. He is less than mediocre and should be overshadowed by everyone except for Mendenhall, who hasnt played much.

  3. Bears running backs are ALWAYS overrated (except Payton). It's just a fact of life. There are a ton of Bears fans out there, many of which have money. And other than Hester, they don't have a collectible player. Just wait until they draft a top QB. It will be nuts.

    I hear ya though. If he were a Falcon, I can promise that I would hate him more than mail-in redemptions.

  4. What do you mean we don't have a collectible should see my stack of Kyle Ortons!!

    It's true though, I think we do get a little over-excited because our offense has sucked for years.

    Forte did not look good last night. But then again the Eagles have also shut down S-Jax, Willie Parker and Marion Barber (kinda) so far this year.