Monday, September 29, 2008

Obvious News Of The Day: Threads Baseball Has Sold Out

Donruss hasnt released a product like this in close to 4 years. In this product they have autos and relics of a few players that have never seen a trading card from the big three in MANY years. This product is a Baseball replica of a very popular football product.

Wait, you say this product has sold out?

No fucking shit it has. If you havent jumped on pre-ordered boxes, I would if you can. The price will go up if this product delivers - which it should.

Either way, here is the press release:

Donruss Threads Sold Out
September 28, 2008

Officials at Donruss announced Friday that 2008 Donruss Threads Baseball has completely sold out, and sales representatives began notifying dealers and distributors that demand for the product has been overwhelming and has far exceeded supply.

"We are excited to be producing our first baseball-only product since 2005," Donruss Vice President Mike Anderson said. "However, because of the high demand, the product has oversold and we've been forced to cut orders, ensuring success of this new baseball brand."

Boasting an unprecedented lineup of retired greats and top-shelf prospects, Donruss Threads makes its baseball debut in October. Loaded with autographs and memorabilia cards, some of the same components that made Donruss Threads Football so successful, including signed on-card Rookie Class nameplates, will be introduced to baseball collectors.

Recently announced deals with Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson join a list of retired legends including Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Cal Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan and Ted Williams among many others. Also included in Threads Baseball are the first autograph and memorabilia cards of top prospect Rick Porcello, as well top prospects Ike Davis, Josh Vitters, Xavier Avery, Mat Gamel, Christian Marrero, Elvis Andrus, Jesus Montero, Brandon Waring and more than 110 others.

Five-card packs of Threads will carry a $4 SRP.

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  1. Awesome - can't wait for this! I hope that this set is a huge success, prompting MLB to consider giving Donruss-Playoff it's license back.