Monday, August 25, 2008

A Comment On Shipping Prices

Ok, im pissed. I want to buy a card on TWGM, but the shipping costs are astronomical. He wants 8 dollars for shipping, despite this only being one normal sized card. He mentions nothing in terms of insurance and when I emailed him, he said it was for packaging, handling etc. That is fucking bullshit. Basically this guy wants to recoup his fees, plus some, and per eBay, this is illegal.

Let me break this down:

Card cost: $65
Normal shipping cost per USPS: 2.20 (w/delivery confirmation)
Normal shipping cost plus insurance:$3.59
Bubble mailer: 89 cents at any walgreens or target
Total imaginable cost: 4 something?
Actual cost: probably less than 3 bucks

I charge 3 bucks for shipping when I sell something, please explain where he gets 8? That is almost double the price of shipping plus insurance! I guess my card will have to wait as this is fucking high way ass fucking robbery.


  1. $8 is BEYOND ridiculous for s/h

  2. It's ridiculous, but you can just bid $5 less than you would have if shipping was $3 and then all is OK.

  3. Fielders- um, no you can't really do that if the card is popular. You would probably end up losing the auction.

    Gellman - you know you can report high shipping fees like that to eBay. They're actually trying to get idiots like that seller to stop doing stupid shit like that.

    Send me the link, I wanna see this maroon's feedback.

  4. Will, if you lose the auction, that just means that someone is an idiot for paying too much for the card...

    My strategy for bidding on eBay is to determine how much I would pay for a card, and subtract the shipping fee from that number. If I'd pay $20 for a card, and the seller wants $8 shipping, I bid $12. If somebody else wins it for $13, then that's fine; he paid more than I was willing to pay.

  5. Geez, I only charge $1.75 for my shipping on eBay for up to 4 cards and have done so for over two years.

    I still get complaints about my excessive shipping charges. Some people are just never satisfied.

  6. I charge 8 but I always send priority mail with insurance and confirmation.