Monday, August 25, 2008

Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous Set Collectors

Holy shit. This is fucking awesome/"redockulis" at the same time. Here is an auction for completed Contenders auto sets from the entire run of the product. Wow.

Yet, for every cool thing you may think, there is a stupid fucking idiot thing too. First off, the sets are all going to encased in beckett holders. WHY WOULD YOU RUIN SUCH BEAUTY!?! Give me a fucking break! I would demand this not happen if I was buying. Secondly, you have to go make an appearance at the hobby's number one authority on douchebaggery to claim your prize? That is beyond fucking dumb. Why does Beckett have to insert their grubby fucking fingers into everything? They are like the paparazzi of this industry. I hope someone throws a drink at their moving car!

Either way, its still pretty cool that the guy has taken the coolness to put these together.

Will it sell? Fuck no - not at that price.

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  1. Since I don't collect football cards, I don't really get it. Are these cards particularly rare or something?