Monday, August 25, 2008

More Topps Chrome Love

At three or less dollars per pack, I couldn’t resist opening some more Chrome while my fiancee isnt around to see it. A local store had a deal where you could get 7 packs of chrome, supplies, and a few other things for 20 bucks, so I went ahead. I desperately needed more supplies, so that was an added bonus to what I pulled. I was lucky that I got there when I did, because once I had finished, another guy came in and busted the rest of the 7 boxes worth of packs.

I got very lucky again(?) with the packs and pulled a group B Limas Sweed, which is one of the nicer looking cards in the set. It has odds of something like one or two per case, so that made me quite pleased. Someone there, a Steelers fan, offered me 25 and some of his base Petersons for it, so that one is gone. I then took the money from that and the money that I got from the McFadden and Brennan refractors and bought a Felix Jones, Ray Rice, and a Peterson white refractor from 2007. That was very nice.

As for the guy who went after me, he pulled Brohm, Flacco, Forte, and a few no-names, along with a Matt Ryan gold refractor from the box toppers and five or six base and refractor McFaddens. Overall, it was a pretty cool day, I even managed to get two very nicely conditioned Puckett RCs for 5 bucks together, and a Josh Morgan classics for less than 3 bucks.

Lastly, the JDRF donation box stands at 248 thanks to a big donation from the people at my dad's office, so that is amazing, but keep the donations coming as the more money I raise, the more people it can help.

Ive also got a rant brewing for later today, so that will be posted around lunch.

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