Saturday, June 28, 2008

Title Not Needed

First off:


Secondly, thanks to reader abnsnyper for this. Holy fucking shit this is the funniest video I have ever seen. Six minutes and thirty-eight seconds of pure Joe Collector gold. I am SO GLAD his parents left so he could make a video. Too bad he only loves jersey cards, I would like to see more from this guy....

...just to laugh, and laugh.


  1. Holy fucking shit, what a toolbox!! "hot dog, you can see it move".

    That is the most priceless piece of video I have ever fucking seen!

    What planet does that kid live on, where he thinks that people watch his youtube videos, and who's the ass-raper that ripped him for those shit jersey cards. That guy at the flea market probably got a semi when he saw that kid coming.

  2. I can't believe he didn't mention his girlfriend. What, you don't believe it? Fuck yeah he has a girlfriend. She's a model and lives in Canada.

    Oh, I know. He didn't want any of his college girls to come across this video and find out about the girlfriend. You've got to know he's pulling some serious tail. What with those kick ass binders full of jersey cards.

  3. great and priceless video of a complete tool. Stop me if I ever sound like that on my blog.

  4. For sure the funniest part was when he was like i got these 2 jersey cards for $30, and they are probably worth $30 each, hahahahaha, hopefully he has some other videos cause that was funny shit, what a loser

  5. If this guy buys his jerseys for 30 bucks a piece, I have millions for him. I could be rich!

  6. This guy is a college student? I'd have thought he was about 14 years old. I could only watch about 90 seconds of this. Is it for this that Al Gore invented the Internet?

  7. LOL. How about some credit for hooking you up with the video. I make commission on shout outs alone... :)


  8. Donovan McNabb #216/500 Whoo Hoo! Hey at least back then they guaranteed that it was a game worn jersey at least.

    "I've got at LEAST six binders hanging around the house".

    Dude, that's so cool, can I come over and see them? Pretty please? My mom said it's OK.

  9. I gave you credit, you are on the first line. This is all you.

  10. Ha! Ha! This person is excited about his hobby! Look at him sharing his collectibles in an amateur video! He appears to be a teenager with glasses and therefore likely a "nerd". I bet he does not get to have sex with the cool kids if at all! Let us mock him and point at him and laugh at him!


    Seriously, what the fuck??? Every one who has commented on this except maybe the anonymous coward has their own freaking card blog. Just because we're all hip and cynical and tell Topps, Upper Deck and Beckett to fuck off occasionally DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE ANY LESS NERDY THAN THIS KID IN THE EYES OF EVERYONE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE. We're *more* freaking nerdy than him for fuck's sake! He's a kid, we're all grown ass men writing about trading cards!!!

    Gellman, I like the blog, I like the anger, I like the snark, but the next time you want to bully a kid just fucking punch an 8-year old and steal his candy or some shit.


  11. Listen, Im sure he gets bullied a lot, but he sure does have a lot of subscribers. The guy actually has 245 videos or some shit like that.

  12. We laugh because we relate somewhat.

    The thing for me was that he made it sound like he's an expert on all things sports cards, and he clearly is not. So he's posing. Sure, he may like what he collects, but he didn't give us any sense of focus on that collection, meaning it doesn't really hold that much interest for him.

    Which is belied by his demeanor in the video, which is what makes it so damn funny.

    Were I to make a video explaining my love of sports cards, you can damn well be sure that I'd be showing more interesting cards than his two $15 jersey cards that are now worth $30 apiece.

    I might explain how I have always loved trading cards because they make such nice artifacts to get autographed, that each one has the possibility to transcend mere cardboard and photography and enter the realm of pop art. Or how collecting cards lets me keep in touch with something my late father instilled in me. Then I'd show my favorite cards and say WHY they were my favorites, though he did try to do that somewhat, I would have rather seen more than a crappy Elway and Sterling Sharpe jersey.

    For example, I'd show off the cards I got personally autographed at Chargers training camp that I attended for several years, or the cards I got signed at LA Kings practices and rookie camps. Or maybe I'd show off my UCLA Bruin Basketball binder.

    But Donovan McNabb jersey that you pulled right before he played in the Superbowl and lost? Now how is that interesting?

  13. Yeah sorry Gellman, I'm with dayf on this one.

    Although I totally just wasted the near 7 minutes to watch this video just to see a Serbian being talked about. Lame.

  14. I don't know what made me laugh more, the video or the crybaby that just took offense to the posting of this video. Yo dayf, try your best to remove the penis from your ass. It's just a video of a dude having a nerdgasm. Big fucking deal. Good luck with your hurt feelings crusade.


  15. He's.



    Save it for the douches who brag about their pack searching skills at Wal-Mart or the middle aged fool who opens a case of Sport Kings and shows off the gold parallel game used speedo crotch swatch numbered to 10 and the three Thurman Thomas jersey cards he just paid over a grand for. Or Tracy Hackler. You can pretty much make fun of him whenever.

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  17. I don't think he was a kid - that's the point. Plus I've seen worse on YouTube, much, much worse.

    Self-aggrandizement even at it's mildest does not make content that the rest of the universe needs to see.

  18. I've gotta say dayf, you do make a good point and I feel a bit like a douchebag myself now. On the other hand, he IS in college which would make him between 18-21 most likely. I think if you are that age and you are posting that stuff on're fair game. I mean, he's almost the same age as some of the players that he's paying $30 dollars for their jersey cards.

    And while I am definately a bit of a dork (obviously), I'm pretty sure I was never a toolbag on that dude's level.

    However, I do plan on thinking a little harder before I type from now on.

    Just don't feel TOO sorry for him. He's old enough, he put it out there himself, and he'll probably end up being my boss in 5 years anyway.