Saturday, June 28, 2008

Topps Shennanigans

The Topps Draft Day cards are pretty much sold out - you can still get OJ2 ($150) and Brook Lopez ($75). Beasely ($150), Love ($75), Bayless ($75), Rose ($200) and Gordon ($75) are all gone. Love, like the other 3 lower picks hard had 50 copies, the top three picks all had 100 copies. Bayless at 11 looked like the worst buy of the group.

Sigh, after being informed in comments that last year's gimmick cards were $100 apiece, I didn't put much effort into checking yesterday if I could afford the Love card, I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it (budget, remember - instead of cards, we bought a new Air Conditioner yesterday, because comfort is more important than cardboard.)

Besides, two or three years from now when Love is a comfortable role player, autos from this year's sets might be at a reasonable price.

So far getting my hands on copies of Topps Finest Draft Redemption #4 and 5 have been proving to be more difficult than I had hoped. Oh sure, there's TONS of copies on the WGM, but they've all been closing for more than I can spend at the moment. Plus I have this whole thing about not spending too much money on singles. I did notice that one individual had posted both the front AND the back of their redemption card, which would make it pretty much useless.

THERE IS A CODE ON THE BACK OF TOPPS REDEMPTIONS THAT ALLOW YOU TO GET THE REDEMPTION WITHOUT SENDING IT IN. Yes, there's a code on UD cards too, UNDER A SCRATCH OFF section. The code on the Topps cards are not disguised in any way, so that the first person without scruples can go ahead and enter that code on the Topps site and get the redemption. Of course, I'd assume that the codes are trackable, but come on, is Topps going to step up to the plate for the poor schlub who buys that card on eBay only to find that the card they spend so much for is worthless? Well, read this from our friends over at Wax Heaven.

In fact, I'm actually wondering how many Topps Redempton Cards available on eBay will already be redeemed by the time you get them shipped to you. In this instance Topps should take a page from UD's book and put a lottery ticket like scratch off area on the redemption card.

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