Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Absolute WORST Kind of No-Hitter

I just watched the Angels blow a huge game to the Dodgers one-nothing. What was great though, is that Jared Weaver, in a losing effort, pitched six innings of no hit ball - followed by two more no-hit innings by Jose Arredondo. They still lost.

God Forbid that Topps commemorate this moment with one of those crappy Moments and Milestones.

They've done sillier.

See that Vlad Jersey card? Yeah, it commemorates his third straight Intentional Walks title. That's just stupid. Yes, it's an achievement, but it doesn't deserve a frakking card, let alone a jersey card.

Even though I could pick it up for a buck on eBay, I just can't bring myself to go after that card, as big of a man-crush as I have on Vlad...

Was that TMI? I never know.


  1. That card is AS BAD as some of the stats they used for Topps Sterling.
    Who thinks of this shit?

    Why not let it be "Celebrating Vlad's 8th straight season of pounding the fuck out of the ball."

  2. Now if that tag line was printed on a card, I'd buy it!

    Heh, if I had photoshopping skills at all I'd make a card that said that!

    Or better yet - Let's have a card that commemorates the shitty pitches that Vlad parks in the left field bleachers.