Friday, June 27, 2008

A Note On Hot Packs/Pack Searchers

First off, for those of you who dont know what I am talking about, here is the issue. Someone goes into Wal-Mart (or as I call it - Hell) or Targhaye and basically searches all the retail packs for the ones with the hits. They take them all home and either open them and sell the cards, or sell the packs on TWGM as a "Hot Pack." Joe Collectors hate these guys and basically blow their load when they get to brag about vanquishing them, regardless of whether they actually did.

Here is my take on it, and this is solely my opinion - so lay off.

When looking at this section of the scam providing part of the hobby, you have to consider it in two different categories. The first is the guys in Target and other retail outlets, and most of the time they are Joe Collectors themselves. I mean, who else would spend THIS MUCH time searching out two dollar jersey cards? Back in 1998, when Jersey cards were actually rare, I can understand why this may have been profitable. As for now, the packs cost more than the market value of these piddly pieces of shit. Also, why are you buying loose retail packs anyways? Are you a fucking idiot? Dont waste your money on this shit! The only time I would even support thinking of buying this crap (even in blaster form) is if your internet will be down for more than four weeks, the library is closed/far away/their internet is down, and someone has pipe bombed all the hobby stores in your area. Then, it is okay to THINK about buying retail. Otherwise, have some fucking patience, go to a hobby shop, or order from online. As said before, even if you have gift ceritificates, buy a DVD or something useful that may actually have value, because you wont get anything out of retail but a bad feeling that you should have spent your money wisely. Because of this, who fucking cares that they search the packs? Yeah, it sucks that they are that dumb, and really care about the money making part of the hobby that much, but really - focus your anger somewhere productive.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dont give me that "they are robbing the kids" bullshit! Kids should buy hobby too, and if for some reason a parent lets them buy cards at target, they should buy the blasters. Plus, I have been to target at least twice a week for a year, and kids are never in that aisle looking at Sports Cards. They go after the pokemon ones.

Now, there is a part of this practice that I do say you should focus your anger at, and its those donkey rapers that sell resealed packs on eBay. They basically open the packs and take out any meaningful hit and replace it with crap and then sell it. Again, why are you even wasting your fucking time, but yes, these people should not be allowed to function.

Either way, stop being a Joe Collector and buy cards the normal way.



  1. To be honest, I just think it's pathetic one way or another. Considering the types of people I have seen who pack search, it's really kind of funny.

  2. Listen, its not like I am saying g out and do it, im just saying that people shouldnt care as much as they do. No one should be buying retail period.

  3. I've seen this bullshit at card shows now too!! Some asshat who has a booth will open a hobby box, sell the auto/jersey packs to somebody for triple the pack price, and then sell the rest of the packs to unsuspecting Joe Collectors for regular srp.

    The only thing on eBay that really chaps my balls is this one particular jerk-off who buys up hundreds of $20 retail blasters, and then sells them for $24.99 PLUS $6.99 shipping!! And fucking stupid people actually buy this shit!

    Some of the shit that people will buy on the Bay just absolutely blows me away.

    Don't even get me started on the Jesus Corn-Flakes, and the Tiger apple core.

  4. I have to dissagree with only one thing.... I like the blasters. Gives me a chance to get cards I may need to finish out a master set, and some good trade bait ontop of that without having to buy another box and get a bunch of cards I really don't need.

  5. See, and I just like opening up cheap packs one way or the other. Retail packs are awfully cheap these days - in fact, some retail stuff is actually more fun to open than the Hobby packs (Upper Deck Baseball, I'm looking at you).

    For me, collecting is all about opening up packs, kind of like the lotto. BUT in my case, I'm happy when I get cards of my favorite player, and even if I pull a hit 99% of the time I'm going to sell it anyway, so it doesn't matter to me that much.

    Plus I'm old school from back in the day when busting packs meant something and there WERE no hits.

    But yeah, when I really want a SPECIFIC card, I'm going online, I'm not going to bust a shitload of Topps Finest just to TRY to pull Redemption #4 and 5 for Westy and Love, I'll just buy them from the WGM.

  6. SHIT! I'm a fuckin' Joe Collector. Sonofabitch.

    I've been collecting for a week and I just bought a few packs at target. Where the hell am I supposed to be buying them?

  7. Not at target, isnt there a card shop where you live?

    Otherwise or are both trustworthy sellers.

  8. The thing about Target for me though, is that I have to shop there at least once a week for baby shit, so when I'm there buying diapers, wipes and formula, spending a fortune on stuff that is LITERALLY garbage, I get to buy a pack or two of sports cards. It's like a little perk for doing my daddy duty.

    I have been going to the hobby store though when I want more than just a pack or two. My pulls from Topps Series 2 Hobby have been so much better than retail (in 12 packs I've pulled a Rookie Redemption and a Jersey).

  9. You know what I see kids videos on you tube where they go into the packs they searched at the Targets and Walmarts. To be honest I think if you want to search fine, if you don't fine, either way I'm buying my autographs and game used on ebay, for the same price as that pack of cards. You're right though, buy the blasters or hobby packs and get over the whole pack searching thing it'll never end.

  10. I know a guy that is fed up with this too, and he told me he doesn't even pay for the retail packs anymore because of all the searching, he just takes them. I asked him why and he said the chances of getting anything is almost impossible. I went to a store and bought some topps chrome football and when I got them home I realized the packs opened a little too easy. When I got them the rest of the way opened. I noticed there were no rookies in any of the 15 packs I got and some of the packs were replaced with a regular topps football card. I was so pissed I actually thought about going back to that store and taking the exact number of packs that I paid for. I was too scared so I didn't but I am still pissed about it.