Friday, June 27, 2008

Email From Upper Deck

Funny thing happened today, I checked my email and found a letter from Gregg Kohn, football product manager for UD. Here is what he had to say:


My name is Gregg Kohn and I am the Football Product Manager at Upper Deck. I enjoyed your interview with Scott from DLP but I do have to dispute one item. Scott mentioned that DLP has more on card autographs then any other company and the facts dispute this. In 2008 we will have 5 of our 12 releases on card and in 2007 we had 3. I do not recall any in 2007 that DLP had with the exception of parts of Treasures. While I think DLP makes nice products I would like to mention that Upper Deck and not DLP is the king of hard signed signatures.

Thank you!!
Gregg Kohn
Upper Deck Football Product Manager

First, Greg, duly noted, thank you. Either way, of all the things you could have wanted changed, thats what's up? That one was pretty easy.

Well, I have asked for a similar interview to the one I did with Scott Prusha of DLP, maybe ill get lucky. I will say here, all kidding aside, I promise to be corgial and subjective if he agrees. Its the least I could do.

Told you they were watching...

EDIT: Thanks to Gregg for commenting on the SCU first looks for for Icons and SP Rookie Threads. If you are interested in these products, take a look at what he has to say, pretty interesting. More from Gregg to come...

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  1. That's great news - the last contacts I had at UD were in the entertainment section, and I believe they got laid off in the last round of layoffs. To actually have an ear at one of the big companies is awesome.