Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Buying Habits Of The Stupid and Uninformed

Ryan Grant can suck my left testicle. You know why? He is littering my
products and he doesn’t deserve to be printed on the cardboard he is. People are paying upwards of 200 dollars for his Sweet Spot RC and his Playoff RC, which is fucking ludicrious, and his Topps Progression auto redemption is going for more than most of the other vets in the set. People, seriously, what the fuck?

It seems like every single guy who comes in and rushes for 100 yards is all of a sudden worth a shitload in this hobby. Ahmad Bradshaw, Kolby Smith, Selvin Young and Ryan Grant are all prime examples of this, which makes me want to slap people considering that they arent even starters. This happened with Ahman Green a couple of years ago, and the guy put up one good season before becoming a nobody. People just don’t learn, and I laugh at them. The bad part with this phenomenon is that people like Ryan Grant get more face time in products because people buy like pigs when he hits it big the first time. Now when I pull his stupid ass out of boxes, I have to wonder why I just threw 150 bucks down the drain for a box hit based on the buying habits of idiot fucking jackasses. I want people that actually make a difference, and this guy wont amount to anything other than a few good games.

Any response from the Joe Collectors?


Ahh, right, that’s what I thought you fucking sheep.


  1. GOD YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Ahman Green doe not fit into that category one bit. Look at his career stats before saying something like that.

  2. Who said anything about Career stats? Its about value in the hobby. Ahman Green was hot for one year and then went nowhere.

  3. One of the great things about collecting players from my college is that I'm not usually looking for the latest NFL or team star. I don't bust wax trying to find that expensive card for the star that everyone wants.

    I'm paying minimal prices for the cards on eBay that Joe Collector gets pissed off about when he opens that high end wax. Maybe it's that autograph or relic card of the player he's never heard of and thinks shouldn't even be in the set.

    So please keep busting that wax and selling unwanted items on eBay. That card may not be of value to you, but it may become the favorite card in my collection. I'll never have the most valuable or popular collection this way and I'll never get rich off of card collecting, but I'll have the cards I cherish most.

  4. I know Gellman. I'm tired of seeing these one year wonders like Grant and Peterson. I mean Jesus, you'd think these guys had golden dicks they way some people around here worship them so much.

    Know what I mean Gellman?

  5. I think putting peterson in that category is a little different than Grant. Peterson has already won ROY and set the single game record. Thats two accomplishments that at least make it okay for his RC cards to be worth a lot. After that, well its a different story.

    I dont think they will hold value where they are, they wont unless he continues his pace, but I dont think they will ever be worth little to nothing. Thats my opinion, I know you have yours.

  6. I was just having a bit of fun with you but you are prejudging Ryan Grant a little bit.

    Who's to say he won't amount to anything? Are you sure you're not letting your hate for the Packers cloud your judgment?

  7. Yeah this post doesn't smack of a hatred for the Packers. I agree his prices are outrageous, but your argument looses credibility with your fanatacism for the Vikes.