Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Brand That Ruth Built

In some huge news, Topps has announced that Babe Ruth cards and relics will now only be available in topps products. Just so you understand the gravity of this situation, lets take a look at the list of HOFers who are Topps exclusives.


With Hank Aaron still with DLP for the immediate future, I dont think there are any old timey guys left for UD. Now, I have written a post about how horrible exclusive contracts are, but I have also said how there couldnt possibly be more relics of these guys. Either way, Topps has made a huge signing, and basically given a big "FUCK YOU" to Upper Deck. I guess its payback for decimating the Basketball checklist and making Topps BKB basically irrelevant.

Personally I dont care too much, as Babe Ruth and Lou Gherig relics should not be cut up for baseball cards, yet I feel that UD Premier and Legendary Cuts just became a Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr highlight reel.


  1. Wonderful. A reason not to buy any of those baseball sets.

  2. I think these exclusive rights deals are a shame for the hobby. I feel that all card companies should be allowed to use the name, picture, stats etc of any player in their products! If all companies have access to the same players, then maybe we will get abit more innovation with set designs, new inserts etc; as 1 company won't be able to say " buy my products as you can't get ****'s cards any where else"!

  3. I agree with that. Exclusives are awful and have made it almost impossible for more than one company to exist in a certain sport.