Friday, May 2, 2008

To Infinity, AND BEYOND!

I just got back home to Minneapolis tonight for the first time in about six months. I sat and looked at my DVR and went through my episodes of the office and family guy and saw that I had also taped the episode of Costas Now where sports blogs were the topic of discussion.

Watch the video here

As I watched Buzz and Will face off, all I could think about is how much of a self absorbed douchebag Buzz is. He thinks that the sports writer is endangered because people are no longer turning to them for their sports news. Instead they check out deadspin and firejoemorgan to get a fan's take on things. What he failed to realize is that people go to FJM and Deadspin because the average sportswriter has become ridiculously off the pulse of the sports they are covering. People like me hate reading today's sports writers because they just arent that good any more. I have been a loyal reader of FJM for the last three years and I believe that they have more of an idea of what is going on than 95% of the guys out there. Of course, they are constantly dismissed as basement ridden geeks with keyboards, mainly because the writers who have dedicated their lives to the art are being shown up by non-professionals.

Buzz has taken his anger to a level that makes him comical - he has become the type of guy we go to deadspin to read about. I love deadspin because it is fucking hilarious 99% of the time, I usually dont go there for news. That is what Buzz had no clue about. We read deadspin because it is entertaining, not because they have the scoops. Now, if ESPN's coverage of the Draft is any clue, they dont have the scoops either.

What I think is funny is the hatred of change in the writers guild. If there is a unique idea, it has to be bad because it hasnt ever been done that way before! For God's sake, to them, Sabremetrics is the devil because it doesnt take into account all the useless junk that they have been using for ages to judge a player's worth. I know for a fact that change is good, and unlike Buzz's rant on the show, the future is definitely going to be awesome with people like Will at the helm. Or at least more entertaining.

Overall, I give a kudos to all the guys that write the sports blogs out there. Bad or good, it challenges our daily understanding of the sports world. It gives a unique perspective, and people who think more perspectives are a bad thing, really need to re-evaluate their pathetic lives.

FJM and Deadspin, keep up the good work, ill be watching.

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