Monday, May 5, 2008

First Look: Upper Deck Icons FB


Another snoozer of a product from Upper Deck. Hopefully this replaces Chirography. 1 auto per box, 2 jersey per box, 2 manufactured non-auto letter per box, 1 auto letter per case.

I think that the inclusion of non-auto, non GU letters are fucking ridiculous. What is the freaking point of this crap? Who put the god damned green light on this re-hash of a turd? The idea of SPA By The Letter was cool ONLY because of the auto on the letter. To include NON-AUTOed ones defeats the whole purpose, though its not as bad as topps presidential letters.

Whoever runs UD's product development team needs to start coming up with something freaking cool. How about sweet spot classic football? How about legendary cuts football? Those would sell like crazy and I might consider lifting my ban for a tin of SS Classic.

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  1. Actually the ideas behind the non signed lettermen are to have players like Grange, Nagurski and Thorpe have lettermen. It is different and will have more value then your basic jersey card. The other lettermen per box will be of a celebrity that starred in a football movie. There will be 2 signed versions per case. I think for the box price 10 packs at $9.99 to get 2 lettermen, 2 memorabilia cards and a signature is pretty good. I think the lettermen of the players I mentioned before will have good value. I did this in 2007 SS Classic and the legends like Cobb and Ruth sold pretty well. I think you guys and gals will be surprised by this product. It looks nice as well. later