Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Am Really Sick of East Coast Teams/Fans, Part 2

For those of you who havent seen the recent all star game balloting update on MLB.com, a Yankee or a Red Sox player leads the vote in each goddamned category. Fucking gross if you ask me, considering that this game actually counts for something.

Let me tell you something. Jason Varitek should not be the top vote getter for AL catchers, nor should Ivan Rodriguez. But, since the average 9 year old is still allowed to vote, and because the average baseball fan is a blithering idiot, he leads by a good margin. I would pick Napoli, Mauer, and 3 other guys before I would waste my vote on those guys. Ivan Rodriguez isnt even batting .270!

Youkilis commits error, needs new pants.

Youkilis is having a great year, but he should not be leading by over 200,000+ votes. Not a chance. Same with Pedroia and ESPECIALLY Derek Jeter. I know Jeter prevented a plane crash last week by piloting the team plane to a smooth landing from 35,000 feet, but he is not even close the top shortstop in the AL. Calm eyes aside. Also, sidebar, Jason Giambi has 3 place in the vote for AL 1B, I want to kill myself.

If this exhibition game is going to count, which it shouldnt as an exhibition game, fans should be taken out of it. I say to let the managers pick their rosters because the fans have no clue, and when I mean no clue, I mean NO FUCKING CLUE who to start.

Based on VORP and EqA, here is who should be starting:

CF - Josh Hamilton
LF - Carlos Quentin
RF - Magglio Ordonez (May actually be a starter)
1B - Kevin Youkilis (Morneau leads EqA w/ Youk a close second)
2B - Ian Kinsler
3B - Carlos Guillen
SS - Michael Young
C - Joe Mauer
DH - Milton Bradley

Ill take this team, you guys take your Yankees/Red Sox hybrid. We'll see who wins.

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