Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey Mario, I Write For Beckett Too! Ugh.

Click on pic for enlarged version.

Okay, I know, I know, I have gotten like 15 emails today from people pointing this out. The douchebags at Beckett decided that my review of Exquisite was good enough for them to publish in their little magazine this month. They obviously got to it before I edited it after the whole Exquisite Fiasco, so there you go.

Here is what they unknowingly, or knowingly, published:

1. Comments from someone who thinks their magazine is the cancer of the hobby
2. Comments from someone who spoke out very vocally against their practices as a magazine for breaking boxes
3. Comments from someone that constantly calls them out for being fraudulent
4. Comments from someone who will never buy the product they are commenting about ever again.
5. Comments from someone who posted these articles, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

In the words of Nelson Muntz, "HA HA!"


  1. The people that buy and read Beckett probably aren't reading your blog, at least for the most part. So they have no clue that you hate Beckett and Upper Deck like poison.

  2. Probably true. Kinda funny in a sad special olympics sort of way though.

  3. Congrats, I think...?

    Funny thing is that I was supposed to have a full article in that issue but I guess Beckett chose to add message board comments instead. :/

    (not talking about you)

    Oh well.....what can you do?