Friday, April 4, 2008


I swear to God, every time I see a thread with the word "MOJO" in it, I throw up a little in my mouth. In fact, it has its own sliding scale of barf:

- Plain "MOJO" = Mouth puke
- "MOJO!!!" = Brush your teeth its bad mouth puke (+1 second of brushing for each exclamation point)
- "Peterson-jo, Jordan-jo, Kurt Rambis-jo" = Full on Family Guy on ipicac puke

Superman wears Kurt Rambis pajamas to bed.

Yeah, its gotten that bad people. My normal person brain just cant function when I see "OMFG PETERSON-JO X8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as someone's title to their break. Have we gotten that uncreative? I mean, titling the thread "A pull that has me jumping up and down ALL DAY" is really lame, but for god's sake I would take it any day of the week over the other. In my opinion, unless you are talking about Homer Simpson's helper monkey - lets let it die people!


One of my other gripes is that people use the exclamation point like it is the button that gives you more morphine in the hospital after surgery. Like more people will come into the thread the more exclamation points. Then, when you do go in, just to see if he did pull the Payton cut signature you think he did, its only a card that doesnt even cover the cost of the box! I know, Im a nitpicker. Listen, if you do pull a Payton Cut that cool, ill let it slide - ONCE.

Just to give you a better example of why this term needs to go faster than "drop it like its hot," ill cite an experience with my dear old mom a few days ago. I told her I busted a box of SPA as the last UD box I would ever break, after explaining the whole debacle with Beckett. Immediately, as if on cue, she asked, "Well, did you at least pull any MOJO?" My jaw hit the fucking floor.

Lets put this into perspective. You can either sound like an experienced collector and name your break what it should be "(Box Title) (Year) (Sport) - Great Pull!" or you can sound like a thirteen year old with a keyboard and a cell phone in each hand.

Choose wisely - ill be lurking!

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