Friday, April 4, 2008

MORE Beckett Bullshit

Are they still trying to fucking convince us that this is the god honest truth? Im so fucking sick of their lies that I need to say fuck a whole assload of times.

Like some poorly shot candid video is going to convince us that things were all legit. Here is the meeting pre-video:

First Beckett Lackey: Hey, guys, I have a GREAT idea!
Second Beckett Lackey: Oh yeah? Because your first idea was great - look at all the publicity!
First Beckett Lackey: Why dont we make a video like Im just walking around the office asking people questions. That way when they comment on the Exquisite video, it will look like its off the cuff and unrehersed! They will HAVE to believe us now!
Second Beckett Lackey: Dude, these idiots are fucking sheep. Its like selling a fake patch card - no one knows any better!

Excuse me while I wipe my ass with their video.

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