Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On to the drudge of a normal week...

Ok, I admit it. I was wrong. For now.

It wasnt Livan Hernandez that had an awful outing his first trip to the mound, it was Boof. Livan, Im sorry. Yet, only striking out one and giving up a buttload of hits to an Angels team that features Garret Anderson in the 4 spot is not exceptional or worthy of that much praise.

Boof tries to pull a good fastball out of his huge noggin

Favorite opening day moment: Torii Hunter looking at Joe Nathan like he is throwing the baseball like Bugs Bunny does. I can guarantee the thought running through his head after swinging through the third strike was something to the tune of, "Holy Crap, I thought low and away Randy Johnson sliders were tough. This is fucking ridiculous!"


Topps Baseball released their shot at Finest for the year and my one comment after seeing the product live was, "WTF mate?"

While sitting in the Topps conference room and going over the plans for the set, who green lighted this card:

Please wash your eyes out to the left in our burn center.

I think after this, we need to come to the realization that the hobby as we know it is no longer about putting out good products as a whole, but rather a series of gimmicks designed to peek interest. As a result, most of the rest of the stuff suffers.

The rest of the finest set is forgettable, as it was last year in my opinion. The difference? On card autos for most. But, when a product is less than mediocre, who really cares? I remember when Finest was THE set to collect. Now, after switching to mini box format a few years ago (my least favorite way of release), the set has pretty much been removed from my list. I dont know why companies even try to release Rookie based auto sets any more. Chrome is king. It will be until the end of time - or at least until they start including asinine autos. What? Whats that you say? Autos of team scouts this year in the set of sets? Ugh, thanks Topps.

My grade: C-

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