Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL Draft: Who hires these scouts?

Well the first picks were pretty uneventful with Ryan, the Longs, McFadden and company going pretty much as expected. Ill tell you though, as they got further through the first, I started to wonder who the fuck green lighted some of these picks! Godser Cherilus? WTF?!? Even Matt Millen stooped to new lows drafting this idiot over Merling or another Defensive guy. Then you start seeing Mendenhall fall all the way to the Steelers, drafted after Jonathan Stewart and the East Carolina guy. It just gets to the point where you give up on people actually being smart people. Did all the people who made the Jets picks over the last 20 years somehow make their way to these teams drafting Round 3 players in the 1st round? Guess so.

Then the boatload of CBs and WRs comes through the waters in the second round, finally! Thomas, Hardy, and all the guys go, and some how Sweed is still on the board, Brohm is still on the board, and NUMEROUS other great picks are still on the board and the Vikings take....

...Wait for it...

Tyrell Johnson. Ugh. Please. Another bang my head against the wall pick. Someone call Fran Foley up and tell him he can have his job back. Why the fuck are they drafting a Safety NOW? Draft someone you need RIGHT THIS SECOND not at some undefinable point in the future. He isnt even that good! Maybe the Vikings are trying to gather a collection of people from the most unrecognizable D1 schools.

Either way, heres hoping that Chad Henne is still available for Round 4. Oh and A++ for getting Jared Allen - one great DE that you can count on for once. I applaud that. Because of your trades, I dont hate you all the way today, just like you are my brat sister who wont shut up during my favorite movie. Tyrell Johnson, pffft.

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