Sunday, April 27, 2008

NFL Draft: Mel Kiper is an idiot

Okay, Mel, I know you have been doing this draft since 1647 when the Moors drafted Ghengis Khan and traded him to Mongolia in a "blockbuster trade," but you are still an idiot.

You really need to understand that "He has great intangibles!" is not a good analysis of a current pick. Intangibles mean squat unless you have the skills to back it up. David Eckstein may be small and "scrappy" as people put it, but he still sucks. Bad. So when someone takes a guy, dont immediately say that he is "just okay" at every essential skill needed at his position and then say the pick is acceptable because he has good intangibles. Spare me the bullshit. Just say that the team made a shitty pick.

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