Monday, April 28, 2008

NFL Draft: 4 Months of Football-less Boredom Ensues

Fuck, its over. Well, on to bigger and better things right? I know my copy of Madden 2008 hasnt seen play since last december. Maybe ill go do that. Although I did want to discuss one thing, so ill get my Sesame Street on and learn you folks some good info.

Hype (per
noun. n. blatant or sensational promotion [syn: ballyhoo, hoopla, plug]

Hype is what drives the rookie class each year, mainly because you cant judge anything other than on field college performances. Trust me, UD, Topps, and DLP would all like to put Rookie Premier Stats on the back of the cards with the stupid event worn jerseys but that would make the whole thing moot. (Sample: Matt Ryan: College – Boston College, Height - 6’4”, Jerseys worn at the Rookie Premier – 126.)

Either way, based on pretty much nothing, collectors assign value to the cards. Last year, Brady Quinn and Calvin Johnson were the most valuable, followed closely by Adrian Peterson and JaMarcus Russell. Little did people know at the time that Derek Anderson would break out, All Day would have a behemoth of a year, and JaMarcus would hold out until he was worth about as much as a long snapper to the Raiders. Alas, this is hype (Although, I could have told anyone that Johnson would never be a good investment because he is part of the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NFL). It’s the nature of the sheep to buy into who they think will be the best – of course, being sheep, most of the collectors are stupid. The select few who invest in the right players are the ones who ignore the hype and make the most money. Me? I just buy the Vikings because my prospect-wang is small.

Honestly, who let this guy fall to the Steelers? WTF?

This year we have a few guys that everyone will want. Ryan because he is the “top” QB, Brohm because he is a Packer, McFadden because he reminds people of the Purple Jesus, and because he is the top RB, and Mendenhall because he is a Steeler. I think the best bets for good investments will be Devin Thomas, Mendenhall, and Felix Jones because they all play for good teams with huge fan bases and because they should put up pretty damn good RC seasons. I would say McFadden too, but I don’t think there is much room for improvement based on where he is right now. Also, a look at Chad Henne might be good for long term because I guarantee he will be on the field as a starter by mid next year.

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm – and I have some birds circling for some guys that I think will be very, very good. Then when they explode, and I have spent a whole zero hundred dollars on them, I can laugh at all the people who didnt invest, and then cry because I am a poor bastard.

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  1. ahhhh the humanity. Mendenhall!! I love it and he can not even drink yet.(legally) The future is bright -wheeler281