Monday, April 7, 2008

I think this borders on the dumbest thing ever.

Okay, this was brought up on the Beckett boards.

Someone found this card up for auction on eBay. Im not going to post the link because I dont want this guy to get any more clicks. So instead ill post the pic here:


Now, it was brought up that this card is not real because of the obvious inclusion of a patch in a stated jersey card, the bidders being kept private, and the guy being a known faker. The funniest was that it is obviously a 2006 all star game patch in a 2005 product, and that Lopez hasnt been an all-star since 2003 - all hilariously stupid slip-ups. What's even worse is that someone will bid on this card. Now, it isnt going to go for hundreds - I HOPE - but it may go for 10 bucks more than it would normally.

Something that makes me wonder about the future of the patch faking industry (yes, it has sadly become an industry):

-Pack of Prime Patches: 30 bucks
-Cost of the All Star Patch: 4-6 bucks (after shipping)
-Supplies needed for faking: 2 bucks
-Final value of card after fake: 10 bucks?
-eBay fees: 2 bucks
-Social cost of being the guy who just lost 20 bucks on faking a Javy Lopez card: Infinite

This is great. Almost as great as seeing an inside the park home run in person.


  1. I come from a hockey collecting background, and luckily faking patches was something we rarely saw.

    Unfortunately there have been some high-end cards from The Cup (hockey's version of Exquisite) that have been faked--usually a single-color patch replaced with a too-good-to-be-true patch. Those have typically gotten sold and resold, perhaps between fakers who are also shilling. Who knows.

    Simple solution? The card companies should scan all of the likely-to-be-faked cards and make them publicly available on their respective websites.

    I know of another site,, that was started. I'd like to spread the word about that site and give a kudo to the creator.

    Information this useful needs to be spread!

  2. is great. But the problem is that people are still going to be like fucking sheep. They think "holy fucking shit! THat is a patch I have to have!" They dont think that the guy is lying through his ass that its real.

    Sadly it will be even tougher in the future now because the card companies are actually producing patch cards that look fucking ridiculously awesome.