Friday, August 6, 2010

PSA Makes Me Sick

Just Sayin'.

How can any card grader put their slab on this card? Completely fucking ridiculous. PSA should be a prime target for the feds, if they arent already.

h/t SCF


  1. Pretty sure PSA does not check auto authenticity on regular submissions. You have to request "PSA/DNA" grading for auto authenticity.

  2. Thats why I am so angry. I cant understand why they wont do both, mainly because it gives legitimacy to the fakes because they want more money to authenticate the auto.

  3. So i've ready a number of you posts about the fake Topps RC Football auto's. I really like the look of these and would like to pick one up to add to my collection. What can I do to ensure i'm not buying a fake on eBay??? Thanks and keep up the great work SCU!!!