Friday, August 6, 2010

Take One Out, Another Takes Its Place - Avoid khartinla4gnd AT ALL COSTS

Ufjumper may be out of the picture for right now, but that doesn’t mean that others arent in line to take his place. Over on FCB there is a debate over a few Triple Threads cards for sale by khartinla4gnd, mainly that these cards are worth spending astronomical amounts of money on, despite the questions of authenticity. Personally, even if I liked Triple Threads in the slightest, I wouldn’t touch any of them with someone else's ten foot pole.

Oddly enough, its not even the Reebok or NFL logos that send up the most obvious red flag on these cards, it’s the captains patches, and the fact that he has a few cards with similar swatches. Triple Threads has logos, and it has reebok logos, but I have never seen Captains patches before. It’s the one patch, you rarely see in any set, let alone in three cards from the same seller in the same brand.

Let me elaborate. The Captain's "C" patch was first used in 2007 for the teams who wanted to institute the system. The Manning, in particular is from 2008, which means that the jersey in the card would be less than one year old. Because of the way jerseys are stocked among the big three companies, I would guess they don’t use 2007 or 2008 issued uniforms in products from 2008. 2009 would not be out of the question to me, but definitely not 2008. But, for some people, that isnt enough of a red flag to not bid on the cards he is selling. Then, after seeing some of the other questionable cards he has for sale, I begin to wonder if they are fooling themselves into a false sense of security just because the card is a 1/1.

Here are the ones I am talking about:

Peyton Manning Triple Threads 1/1 - Three logos, and a nice touch with the sideways NFL logo. Still doesn’t fool me though. I say 100% fake.

Brett Favre Triple Threads 1/1 Again 3 logos and a captain's patch, again a 1/1, but still not fooling me. Plus, I don’t think Triple Threads often uses 3 separate logos on one card. Maybe one split into the two windows, but I have rarely ever seen 3 DIFFERENT logos.

Tom Brady Triple Threads 1/1 - Same type of card as the two above. I have the same reaction. 3 from the same seller? Cmon, that is a HUGE red flag.

Dwayne Wade Triple Threads 1/1 - Ok, now the story is taking shape. The guy finds out you can split the Triple Threads cards at the seam and switch out the patches, and decides to try it out on a few crappy cards. Then he moves on to cards like this one and the three above. I have a feeling that you get this card and see some damage along one of the sides.

Chris Paul Triple Threads 1/1 - This card was proven fake on Blowout, here is the thread, and once I saw this card on his store completed list, everything clicked.

Brett Favre Limited NFL Logo 3/10 - I know NFL logos exist in this set, but they are numbered 1/1. This is a questionable card at best. I say fake, but not 100% on this one.

Dan Marino Gridiron Gear /5 NFL Logo - This one is no doubt fake, I don’t even know why people think its real. Just a ridiculously bad job on a card that tells me exactly what this guy is up to.

Rick Ankiel Ultimate Patch - Very questionable patch here, but at this point we already know what's up.

Its really too bad when stuff like this shows up, hopefully this guy gets banned too.


  1. Thanx for exposing another fraud. It's a absolute fukcin' shame that these greedy bastards do this and in the process ruin some otherwise really descent cards.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. But they are all authenticated by PSA (being said sarcastically). Sad to say eBay will probably not do anything to deter this kind of fraudulent sales.

  3. Please keep it up. I love what you are doing with the scam watch. Unfortunately, for many of us, the most realistic way for us to have a nice patch card in our collection is to purchase it. Scammers make it so much tougher to do it on eBay.

  4. Not only do I have to worry about getting a batboy jersey card out of a $200 hobby box but I'm seeing this stuff on ebay on a daily basis. When an Adrian Peterson 2008 Upperdeck Heroes auto goes for $5.00 and an Albert Pujols 2004 Donruss Auto goes for $5.25 you know there's a problem. I contacted the seller about the items and he stated that nowhere does it state that the items are original signatures.

  5. All I am curious about is how they get the fake patches in there without ruining the card. I guess it's the custom card maker in me, but I can't figure it out.