Saturday, August 7, 2010

NJD2525 Hits All The Douchebaggery High Notes


Its one thing to sell fake autos. Its another thing to sell fake patches. Its completely different when you do both and are absolutely fucking terrible at it. NJD2525 has been called out on Blowout, and after reviewing some of the ridiculous fakes he has for sale, I dont even know what to say. He makes Ufjumper look like Picasso. I swear to god. He is TURRABLE.

Lets review some of his wonderous creations:

Andre Iguodala NBA Logoman - The logomans from Timeless Treasures were 1/1s and their own set. Scouting the set FAIL.

Larry Bird Triple "Patch" Auto - Im actually surprised this card didnt end up with three logomen in the windows. He is that bad at doing this.

Rajon Rondo Tag Auto - Yeah, at this point, there isnt even a questionable tag I can put on any of these.

Albert Pujols "Auto" Card - If Albert Pujols even came within 100 miles of this card at any point, I will print out this post and eat it. So terrible.

Albert Pujols "Auto" Card #2 - Two Pujols autos? Wow, he must have had a private signing or something! WOW! Actually, he has like 10 up. Haha, nice.

LeBron James "auto" card - And he met Lebron too? Holy shit, this guy must be the coolest ever. I totally want to meet him so he can introduce me to all his player friends.

Michael Jordan "auto" card - Now you gotta be shittin' me. He met the GOAT? His Airness along with Pujols, LBJ, and all the others? Ah-mazing.

Guys, I seriously wonder how dumb you have to be to bid on stuff like this. Its not even funny. These are so bad that I believe my wife could tell the difference.Plus, when they only sell for 10 bucks a piece, you have to wonder.


  1. He needs to learn about switching up the pens he uses when he signs the cards. Rookie scammer mistake.

  2. I sent questions to the seller about a few of their items. I will let you know if I get a response back.

  3. He provides the world's most useless CoA, as well. It doesn't mention what is being certified or who is doing said certification. Might as well scribble on a scrap of paper "trust me, it's real!"

  4. So here we go. The question I asked was...

    Dear njd2525,

    I was just curious about this item before I bid. It says that it is numbered out of 10 but it was my understanding that the Logoman's in Timeless Treasures were 1/1's. Where did you find a card like this?

    - dogfacedgremlin

    And the response I get...(contrary to popular belief, no effort was made to correct spelling or grammar)

    Dear dogfacedgremlin,

    there are differnt versions not all 10 of these are logomans cause they would not have enough pierces to cut up to make all 10 of them logomans. I bought this card here on eBay about a month ago.

    - njd2525

    Lovely, isn't it?

  5. Haha, awesome. To be honest, I usually ignore your scammer posts because I never buy high end singles/autos from ebay anyway.

    You'd think, though, that if the guy had even HALF a brain, he wouldn't list all these at once. I mean, be serious now. Those are some ABSURD autographs! Or, they would be if they were real.

    Good stuff... guess I'll have to start reading your scammer posts afterall!

  6. He also left out the R in 'purchase' in his fake guarantee. I kindly notified him of this, we'll see if he replies.