Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bowman Chrome Promises Crazy Money

Hope you bought into 2010 Bowman Chrome this past month before this preview, because prices are going to jump after people see it. I have been talking about the Strasburgmas that is a comin' for the last few weeks since the big superfractor sale, and this preview confirms the crazy perfect storm on the horizon. I have said that when it comes to the superfractors, the first auto will almost always trump the first card, and in this case, I definitely think it will as well. Because of that fact, as well as another most likely amazing auto checklist, Bowman Chrome should shine as brightly if not brighter than 2010 Bowman.

I hope it does, because when the hype machine gets rolling, its very good for the hobby in general.

1 comment:

  1. While I think the simpler set like Bowman/Chrome is great for the hobby because of the buzz that's been reverberating ever since it hit shelves, I agree with you that people are just downright silly (stupid) for these prices. makes me a little stupid (silly) for also breaking a box just to see if...