Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Donruss Elite Is Live, Good and Bad

Elite has hit the bay, and so far things are on the good side of things and on the bad side to match.

Here is what has been posted so far:

Jimmy Clausen Green Auto - I LOVE that there are premiere pics in a product this early. I LOVE it. However, the foilboard vastly detracts from an otherwise pretty awesome card. Either way, 100 times better than last year, but still not all the way there.

Sam Bradford Green Auto - The green autos may be the base ones, and the Bradford is already selling high. This should be one of the more valuable cards in the set. I stand by my reaction to the Clausen.

Tim Tebow Blue Auto /24 - Whoever pulled this is one lucky dude. Although the numbering is crazy (out of 24?), the pic and card look in line with the others. Looks pretty good. So glad that Panini left the Tesla Coil electrical storm at home this year.

Ryan Matthews Blue Auto /49 - This is called lucking out on color combinations. Great looking card with the royal blue border, though I still dont get all the parallel sets, which I guess is just typical Panini.

Sam Bradford On Card Elite Same Day Sig - I am very glad that Panini went with an on card element with pictures taken at the OTAs. So, with how great these look, why is foilboard needed at all in this set? Oh right, its Panini. This should go for big money.

Justin Gage Jersey Card - Wait, Panini actually went out and bought a Justin Gage jersey? Who's bright idea was that? Also, this card features a ridiculous floating swatch and a terrible design. Back to old habits again, eh?

Adrian Peterson Jersey Card - Another floating swatch, another horrid looking card as a result. At least if they had found a better place for the swatch, it would be much better.

Darren Sproles Jersey Card - MUUUUUCH better, this is a better look and a better place for the swatch. More of these, less of the above.

Those are the highlights for now, ill update as bigger hits like the Passing the Torch autos are posted. I will also have some boxes to open from Blowout cards that I bought earlier this week with an in depth look at things. How long until Topps Chrome again?


  1. a spot for the sticker, a spot for the name, and a spot for the team. then leave a small section large enough to fit a neat looking serial number if you feel so inclined. Is this so fucking hard. I haven't broken a pack of Elite since being back in the hobby. even singles appeal eludes me. dammit align your memorabilia for the queen's sake!

  2. Panini's designs constantly look busy, cheap and from the 90's.