Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is Tebow Hype In Football Equal To Strasburg Hype in Baseball?

Its rare that I would care about somehting like this, but it was completely shocking to see how much Tebow's base rookie out of elite is going for. Now, it would be one thing if the guy had a shot at starting and doing well, but for a late half first round pick who is third on the depth chart, this is ridiculous.

You all know my feelings on Tebow's prospect of doing well in this league, but when you have a base card numbered to 999 that is selling at this price, I start to wonder what certain people are smoking. Sam Bradford, the number one pick in the draft, is selling at five dollars less, something I find pretty amazing. Also, the unsigned version of the NFL shield card is selling quite high as well, which is funny because it isnt even part of the normal Elite base set.

Again, prospecting is one thing, but when you buy in at the 85th floor instead of getting in on the ground level, you have a few screws loose. A number of sites have been talking about the dissaray of the Rams' offensive line, and that hasn’t hurt Bradford's price, so I guess that being buried behind Orton and Quinn for the moment wouldn’t hurt people's understanding of the potential of a guy with throwing and accuracy problems.

Just when I thought my respect level for certain things couldn’t get any lower, right?


  1. I don't quite fully understand your vitriol towards Tebow. I don't get your amazement that collectors value his stuff. Maybe it's your disdain for his open Christianity.
    The guy won a Heisman and a National Championship. Set tons of records. Seems to be a fine upstanding young man.
    There are plenty collectors of Vick, Strawberry, Kemp, and other unsavory characters. There is room in the hobby for collectors of Tebow.

  2. Its a combination of all sorts of things, some of which you mentioned. Outside of that, he may have had a college career that will get him the gator fans, but I feel it wont translate from what the scouts have said and what his stats say. Therefore, spending the kind of money people are spending on his cards - not just these - is a terrible investment for prospectors looking to make money. If you are a gator or broncos fan, thats different.

  3. Spot on. If loading up on his stuff for investment purposes is ones goal, the kick will most likely be wide right.

  4. Football cards will not (and have never) outsell Baseball Cards. It has to do with the individual natures of the sport. Baseball Cards will outsell all other sports however, except for the Super Basketball Player such as Jordan and James. Jordan and James cards have outdone every team sports players cards over the last 30 years.

    There are a few scenerios that could blow that out of the water.

    I would love to have the rookie cards of the player that hits in 57 straight games or hits .400 for the season. Card price records would be broken.

    Of course, if Strasburg wins 25 games in a row or throws 3 no-hitters this year then.............