Monday, May 24, 2010

Starlin Castro Superfractor Ridiculousity

I just posted about how ridiculous the sale of the Strasburg superfractor was getting, but this completed auction is almost that much more ridiculous. Starlin Castro is the shortstop for the Cubs that started off hot and is probably in contention to be ROY if Heyward slips. Despite his hot start (21 hits in 60 ABs), its only a small sample size. That small sample size obviously has done nothing but spark hype in his cards, with this one topping the astounding list. Seriously, the money spent on this card is so out of touch, that I dont actually understand how someone could pay that amount for it, even if they had the money to spare.

I mean, just because you can afford to buy a golden, diamond encrusted cell phone, doesnt mean it is worth your time to do so. I think this falls under that same category. Go ahead and spend a couple bills on a few Castros if you are a Cubs fan, but there is no reason to spend thousands. Even if he becomes the next all star shortstop, its not going to do much for these cards. In fact, he almost has to reach Jeter or A-Rod popularity levels to make up for the amount of money this person spent.

Dont get me wrong, I completely understand prospecting, but this is NOT prospecting. This is being stupid.


  1. Now if it was an autographed chrome Fidel Castro, I might understand. If the auction is on the up and up, somebody paid for the right to be "the one", although I'm not sure how much status one gets by acquiring it. I wonder if there's some shenanigans to it all. Not accusing anyone, but my meter started to beep...

  2. I would like to know who is paying that for these and what exactly are they thinking. If I was blowing that kind of cheese, I would hope I would be buying something a little more proven like a stack of old vintage not the newest flash in the pan. On the other hand this years rookie class is probably the strongest in a long time and has a lot of people scrambling to get the latest and greatest. Still no excuse for these prices though.

  3. FCB member Tasmemphis has won that card. He also owns the Heyward Au. Superfractor.

    -FCB member: "Superfractor"