Friday, May 28, 2010

New Directions and New Beginnings

Wow, the last week has been a virtual nightmare. Let me just put it that way. On top of a brand new baby, we have had to begin the process of moving to Texas, which makes things infinitely more complicated than they normally would be. I have also begun interviewing for a promotion at work, so the stress level of everything going on has been through the roof, to boot. I sincerely hope that after next week, the only thing going on will be everything with the baby, but we all know that is a pipe dream.

Honestly, some of the most complicated stuff was how to get my card and memorabilia collection to the new place in one piece. Yes, everything is in holders and cases, but I don’t know if I could ever trust anyone with the amount of money that it is worth. So many of those things are irreplaceable, so to find out after the fact that they are missing upon arrival would be devastating. Since we are shipping the cars and no one will be entering the vehicles after we drop them off, I decided to lock everything up in the trunk. Hopefully it all makes it there in one piece, I took extra steps and miles of bubble wrap to ensure safe travel. Who knows, anything is possible though, right?

After yesterday and seeing the complete clusterfuck that the movers perpetuated, I am very glad to be taking that approach. They basically threw everything into boxes, and to think that the same would have happened with my treasured pieces would have been ridiculous. At least the baby was good while they packed everything up, he slept or kept quiet the whole time, despite all the noise and packing tape pulling sounds.

Personally, I cannot wait to get started in San Antonio, as it looks to be a midwestern style town in the south instead of a concrete jungle in the west like LA. I have already gotten a few great suggestions on card shops to make my own, though im not sure how much time I will be able to spend searching them out now. I am a little sad to leave LA, as the opportunities here have been tremendous, but the nature of the city takes my sadness and throws four hours of traffic on it to make me happy I am leaving again.

Although there are no major sports other than basketball in San Antonio, college football is not far away in Austin, which is a whole new world of fandom for me. Im not sure if we will ever make it to a game, but the football culture in Texas is almost as zealous as the religious culture there. Then again, the Trojans were just down the road here and we never went to one of those games, so... yeah.

Lastly, I am looking at this move as a new start to the life of my family, and hopefully it will be a positive one. My new place in San Antonio makes my current one look like the ghetto, so that will be amazing for both me, and my wife who has to stay home all day until the baby gets to be a little older. Regardless, Im trading in my fast paced life in a laid back area for family life in a family oriented mecca, which cant be a bad thing. Here's to hoping everything works out.


  1. LA blows. Way too busy for me. I live in San Diego and I absolutely HATE going to LA.

    Enjoy San Antonio, best of luck with the transition.

  2. A new baby, a promotion, and a move all at once...sounds like when I graduated college, got married and moved to Vegas all in 16 days. Good luck to you sir in all your current endeavors. For your sanity's sake, I hope all your sports stuff gets there in one piece.

  3. Good luck to you, sir! May all arrive happy and in one piece (the cards too). I'm envious over your new start. I've been needing one!

  4. I wondered if you were in the process of the forthcoming move!! Now what is the license plate of the truck carrying your car along with your cards?? Ha Sounds like another fast and furious sequel to me.....

  5. Good luck on the move man! Hopefully everything goes smoothly for you and your family