Monday, May 24, 2010

Companies Are FINALLY Getting the Picture

I just saw these full sized Kobe items start to show up on eBay, which is a new direction that is exactly what I have been talking about for months. Panini has started to go the right way with these redemptions, and I hope that they continue to be a part of products in the future. From what I have heard, they did get full sized jerseys signed at the NFL rookie premiere, so that could be a signal that these will be a part of football products too.

They werent the only ones getting jerseys signed either, as topps definitely had the pens to the fabric at their station too, something only further hinted by tweets from the company. I sincerely hope we are heading in a direction like that, because why have only a small part of the jersey when you can redeem for the whole thing. It adds a whole new level to a high end product, and I would even go so far as saying an entire product based on full sized items may be the best thing ever.

Press pass also has redemptions for full sized items in its products, but the difference between a college football or mini helmet and a full sized authentic jersey is quite large. I would love to be able to pull those things out of a box, and to add them as a case hit would be even better.


  1. Is that Kobe Game Used? If so, I'd much rather spend 750 for a GU I could frame, then some 1/1 refractor for the same price. Thats a great deal!

  2. UD did this in years past, but then they stopped doing it. I think it was 2004..maybe...I could be wrong with the year, but I pulled a Dan Marino Auto helmet redemption. So this is nothing new. It's been done, company's stopped doing it and its good to see Panini is doing it again. I loved the chance to pull stuff like this.